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operative Writes About Value Of Cannabis For MS Patients. Photo-ID Cards For Washington State Medical ... Visit: www.marijuananews.com/medical cannabis.htm

CCRMG - California Cannabis Research Medical Group - WWW.CCRMG.ORG |

Autumn 2004. O'Shaughnessy's. Journal of the California Cannabis Medical Group ... medical effects of cannabis. It is unl... www.ccrmg.org/journal/04aut/mikuriya.html

Research visit -

Medical cannabis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A catalog page offering Cannabis sativa extract. Medical cannabis refers to the use of Cannabis as a physician recommended herbal th... visit: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medical marijuana

Accepted Medical Use of Cannabis: Medical Professionals by DrugScience.org. | Cannabis's accepted medical use in the United States is increasingly recognized by

health care professionals and www.drugscience.org/amu/amu medprof.htm





Proven : Cannabis is Safe Medicine by Ian Williams Goddard | In reaction to medical cannabis access referendums on the ballots in Arizona and California, former presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and George Bush signed a letter stating that they "categorically oppose'' access to cannabis for its many proven therapeutic uses such as the prevention of blindness and epileptic seizures. Their chief concern was that legal medical access would send the message that cannabis is safe. The presidents can, however, lay their safety concerns to rest because the scientific literature overwhelmingly confirms that cannabis is both an effective and safe medicine. The Cannabis Safety Profile. The journal PHARMACOLOGICAL REVIEWS reports that decades of research prove that, "Compared with legal drugs...marijuana does not pose greater risks." Yet based upon mortality statistics, we can safely conclude that cannabis is one of the safest medical drugs known, for, while prescription drugs, defined as safe by the FDA, kill up to 27,000 and aspirin up to 1,000 Americans per year, cannabis kills 0 per year. Click here for more.

Medicinal Cannabis Cannabis Facts, Cannabis Law, Hemp, Peyote Info, Salvia Divinorum Info ... therapeutic uses for medical cannabis has been entertained in ... 1990's, medical cannabis ballot initiatives have received a majority of votes in Arizona, Arizona, California, Colorado ... visit: http://www.cannabis-growing.com/medicinal-cannabis.htm.

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Medical Marijuana Your search on medical marijuana has brought you to Questia, the world's largest online academic library. The Questia online library offers reliable books, journals, and articles that you can trust on medical marijuana. With Questia you can quickly research, cite, and quote with complete confidence. Save substantial time

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