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Cannabis Quack Medicines | ... contained it as an ingredient, Medical Cannabis was as common as aspirin is ... the Hazeltine Corp., of Warren Pennsylvania, was founded in 1869, and soon ... visit - antiquecannabisbook.com/chap15/Quack.htm

M e d i c a l C a n n a b i s a n d I n d u s t r i a l H e m p R e - l e g a l i z a t i o n | . . . Y o u t h , " w a s , i n f a c the most traded commodity in the world t , - Cannabis Hemp, visit ...


Cannabis as Medicine

Chris Conrad, Author / Activist | Consults with government agencies and physicians including some of the world’s foremost authorities on cannabis and patients as to their knowledge and experiences regarding cannabis. Court-qualified expert witness in cannabis cultivation, sex, genetics, cloning, crop yields, preparation, smell, medical use, personal use, dosage, consumption, sales, and commercial intent. Visit:



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LEGALIZED ABUSE? By Lisa Prososki, a former middle school and high school social studies, English, reading and technology teacher. Estimated Time: Approximately 45 minutes/1 class period Lesson Objectives: (1) Students will use cooperative learning activities to discuss opinions about medical marijuana use and see both sides of the issue, (2) Students will use decision making skills and strategies to render their own decision about the U.S. Supreme Court case related to medical marijuana use. Click > here < for more.

Medical Marijuana Pro/Con * Pros & cons on medical marijuana. Science, risks, policies, & laws. Should marijuana be a medical option? This site presents in a simple, nonpartisan pro-con format, responses to the core question "Should marijuana be a medical option?" Divided questions about the topic into the issues and sub-issues listed below. All individuals and organizations quoted on our site are ranked based upon our unique credibility scale. [Note: Although physicians and attorneys are listed on this site, they do not recommend or refer either.] visit: www.medicalmarijuanaProCon.org

Medical Cannabis (marijuana) News, Information, Organizations, Links. Resources and more. visit - http://www.medicalmj.org/

Factbook: Medical Marijuana

1. Since 1996, twelve states have legalized medical marijuana use: AK, CA, CO, HI, ME, MT, NV, NM, OR, RI, VT, and WA. Eight of the twelve did so through the initiative process. Hawaii's law was enacted by the legislature and signed by the governor in 2000, Vermont's was enacted by the legislature and passed into law without the governor's signature in May 2004, Rhode Island's was passed into law over the governor's veto in

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