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Tokyo, Japan 16-22 October 2005

Reviewing the ICD-10 classification of haematological neoplasms on its way to ICD-11

WHO-FIC 2005/B.6-3

Dr. med. Christaras / University of Düsseldorf / Society of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology

Dr. med. Maywald / Competence Network Acute and Chronic Leukemia

Dr. med. Aly / Network of Specialized General Practitioners in Oncology, Competence Network Malignant Lymphoma

Robert Jakob / WHO Headquarters Geneva Dr. med. Michael Schopen / DIMDI / Medical Classification Section Ulrich Vogel / DIMDI / Medical Classification Section


At the last WHO-FIC meeting in Reykjavik a two-step approach was recommended for ICD-11: the way towards a restructured leukemia and lymphoma section in ICD-11 should be paved by a moderate update of ICD- 10:

Over the years new entities were introduced and old entities were removed from the classification of leukaemia and lymphoma described in the blue book [2] and ICD-O-3. These changes should be incorporated into ICD-10 without structural breaks.

In a first session the limitations, rules and needs for updating of ICD-10 were specified. It was emphasized that no codes should be reassigned and that no fifth digit codes of the German Modification of ICD-10 can be introduced. The structural changes should be as small as possible and mainly be achieved by deletion of old and insertion of new categories and by insertion and deletion of inclusion or exclusion notes.

One proposal from the clinicians and one from the pathologists were merged to one first draft version. Afterwards it was revised several times.

Although some proposals of the clinicians using the German Modification of ICD-10 were also driven by the needs of Diagnoses Related Groups (DRG) and reimbursement, we made sure to stay in line with the needs of the official WHO version.

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