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2. General presentation of the study program

The Telecommunications Engineering comprises many disciplines apparently far from each other that have developed over the years from a common cultural basis. This Engineering field deals with the study, design, construction and management of networks, methods of transmission and processing of voice, sound, data and images and remote sensing. The Telecommunications Engineering allows to deliver applications and services to users anywhere in the world: e- commerce, real-time multimedia applications, secure e-banking, remote medical diagnostics, exchange of music and video on both fixed and mobile devices. Moreover advanced technologies for the Earth surface monitoring and for oil exploration are developed within the Telecommunications Engineering area. Detailed information on the activities of Telecommunications Engineering can be found in the Open Day documents available on the website of the course (http://ccs.dei.polimi.it/telecomunicazioni ) .

3. Learning objectives

The goal of the Telecommunications Engineering program is to provide the graduate with a good large spectrum engineering preparation that is necessary for understanding and using all the modern Telecommunications technologies. For this sake, fundamental Telecommunications courses such as, Signals and Systems, Communications Systems, Electromagnetic Fields, Digital Signal Processing Communications Networks and Electromagnetic Waves and Optics are integrated by a strong background preparation in fundamental scientific disciplines, such as mathematics and physics, in the disciplines of the information technology, like computer science, electronics and automation, but also in classical engineering fields, such as thermodynamics, mechanics and chemistry. The resulting flexibility both in attitude and spectrum of competences of the graduate in Telecommunications Engineering is a significant asset in view of the large variety of possible applications, of the continuous and rapid evolution of the technologies, as well as of the dynamics of the job market.

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    Organization of the study program and further studies

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      Structure of the study program and Qualifications Telecommunications Engineering is a three-year program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree. Graduates can apply for a two-year Master of Science program, eventually followed by three-year doctoral studies. Further information can be obtained from the web site of the School of Information Engineering http://www.inginf.polimi.it.

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