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Surveys of evaluation nucleus can be found at th ewebsite www.polimi.it

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      Access requirements

In base al D.M. 270/04 art. 6, l'ammissione ai corsi di laurea di primo livello è subordinata al possesso di un diploma di scuola secondaria superiore di durata quinquennale o di altro titolo di studio eventualmente conseguito all'estero e riconosciuto idoneo.

6.2 Requested knowledge

To be admitted onto the Bachelor of Science, a sufficient background is required (in mathematics, the sciences and verbal comprehension). A sufficient level of English is also required. Skills deemed essential are indicated each year in the public notices and in the Enrolment Guide by describing the subjects that will be part of the access test. Should, upon checking, it emerge that students do not have these skills, they are assigned specific obligations to acquire further modules, before being able to frequent the modules offered in the years following the first. The way in which these provisions are implemented is established every year by the Academic Senate. Detailed information concerning the admission test are available on the Guidance site (www.orientamento.polimi.it).

6.3 Deadlines

Detailed information on deadlines and places available can be found in the Enrolment Guide www.polimi.it

6.4 Tutoring and students support

The tutor system was introduced with the Law no. 341 of 1990 (university academic systems’ Reform) aimed at “guiding and assisting students throughout their studies and encouraging them to actively participate in their education, removing obstacles preventing them from successfully attending courses, even through initiatives based on the needs and attitudes of the individuals” (Article 13). . For further information on the activities carried out, please see the website http://www.inginf.polimi.it/servizi/tutorato.php?id nav=2950

7. Contents of the study Program

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