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My belief is that the best way to motivate students to learn a subject is to demon- strate how it is used in practice. The first twelve editions of International Economics reflected this belief and were written to provide a serious presentation of interna- tional economic theory with an emphasis on current applications. Adopters of these editions strongly supported the integration of economic theory with current events.

The thirteenth edition has been revised with an eye toward improving this presentation and updating the applications as well as toward including the latest theoretical developments. Like its predecessors, this edition is intended for use in a one-quarter or one-semester course for students who have no more of a background than the principles of economics. This books strengths are its clarity, organization, and applications, which demonstrate the usefulness of theory to students. The revised and updated material in this edition emphasizes current applications of economic theory and incorporates recent theoretical and policy developments in international trade and finance.

International Economics Themes

This edition highlights six current themes that are at the forefront of international economics:

  • The Global Economic Downturn of 20072009

    • Anatomy of the economic crisisCh. 1

    • Trade protectionism intensifies as economies fall into recessionCh. 4

    • U.S. fiscal stimulus and Buy AmericanlegislationCh. 5

    • Do government subsidies to automakers weaken the World Trade Organization?Ch. 6

    • Falling commodity prices squeeze the economies of developing nationsCh. 7

    • Does the U.S. tax code send American jobs offshore?Ch. 9

    • The paradox of capital flows from developing countries to advanced countriesCh. 10

  • Globalization of economic activity

    • Waves of globalizationCh. 1

    • Has globalization gone too far?Ch. 1

    • Putting the H-P Pavilion togetherCh. 1

    • Soaring transportation costs hinder globalizationCh. 3

    • Constraints imposed by capital flows on the choice of an exchange rate systemCh. 15


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