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Instructors Manual

To assist instructors in the teaching of international economics, I have written an Instructors Manual with Test Bank that accompanies the thirteenth edition. It contains: (1) brief answers to end-of-chapter study questions; (2) multiple-choice questions for each chapter; and (3) true-false questions for each chapter. The Instructors Manual with Test Bank is available for download for qualified instructors from the Carbaugh Web site (www.cengage.com/economics/Carbaugh).

Study Guide

To accompany the thirteenth edition of the international economics text, Professor Jim Hanson of Willamette University has prepared an online Study Guide for stu- dents. This guide reinforces key concepts by providing a review of the texts main topics and offering practice problems, true-false and multiple-choice questions, and short-answer questions.


I am pleased to acknowledge those who aided me in preparing the current and past editions of this textbook. Helpful suggestions and often detailed reviews were provided by:

  • Burton Abrams, University of Delaware

  • Richard Adkisson, New Mexico State University

  • Richard Anderson, Texas A&M

  • Brad Andrew, Juniata College

  • Richard Ault, Auburn University

  • Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee, University of WisconsinMilwaukee

  • Kevin Balsam, Hunter College

  • Kelvin Bentley, Baker College Online

  • Robert Blecker, Stanford University

  • Scott Brunger, Maryville College

  • Jeff W. Bruns, Bacone College

  • Roman Cech, Longwood University

  • John Charalambakis, Asbury College

  • Mitch Charkiewicz, Central Connecticut State University

  • Xiujian Chen, California State University, Fullerton

  • Miao Chi, University of WisconsinMilwaukee

  • Howard Cochran, Jr., Belmont University

  • Charles Chittle, Bowling Green University

  • Christopher Cornell, Fordham University

  • Elanor Craig, University of Delaware

  • Manjira Datta, Arizona State University

  • Ann Davis, Marist College

  • Firat Demir, University of Oklahoma

  • Gopal Dorai, William Paterson College

  • Veda Doss, Wingate University

  • Seymour Douglas, Emory University

  • G. Rod Erfani, Transylvania University

  • Carolyn Fabian Stumph, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne

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