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  • whether the authorized representative of the holder of a beneficial interest in the note will have the right to seek repayment upon the death of the holder as described under “—Survivor’s Option” on page S-10;

  • if the notes may be redeemed at our option or repaid at the option of the holder prior to its stated maturity date, the provisions relating to any such redemption or repayment; and

  • any other significant terms of the notes not inconsistent with the provisions of the indenture.

We may at any time purchase notes at any price or prices in the open market or otherwise. Notes so purchased by us may, at our discretion, be held, resold or surrendered to the trustee for cancellation.

Payment of Principal and Interest

Payment of principal of and interest on beneficial interests in the notes will be made in accordance with the arrangements then in place between the paying agent and The Depository Trust Company (referred to as “DTC”) and its participants as described under “Registration and Settlement—The Depository Trust Company” on page S-13. Payments in respect of any notes in certificated form will be made as described under “Registration and Settlement—Registration, Transfer and Payment of Certificated Notes” on page S-15.

Interest on each note will be payable either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually on each interest payment date and at the note’s stated maturity or on the date of redemption or repayment if a note is redeemed or repaid prior to maturity. Interest is payable to the person in whose name a note is registered at the close of business on the regular record date before each interest payment date. Interest due at a note’s stated maturity or on a date of redemption or repayment will be payable to the person to whom principal is payable.

We will pay any administrative costs imposed by banks in connection with making payments in immediately available funds, but any tax, assessment or governmental charge imposed upon any payments on a note, including, without limitation, any withholding tax, is the responsibility of the holders of beneficial interests in the note in respect of which such payments are made.

Interest and Interest Rates

Each note will accrue interest from its date of original issuance until its stated maturity or earlier redemption or repayment. The applicable pricing supplement will specify a fixed interest rate per year payable monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Interest on the notes will be computed on the basis of a 360-day year of twelve 30-day months. If the stated maturity date, date of earlier redemption or repayment or interest payment date for any note is not a business day, principal and interest for that note will be paid on the next business day, and no interest will accrue on the amount payable from, and after, the stated maturity date, date of earlier redemption or repayment or interest payment date.


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