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participants’ accounts on the applicable payment date in accordance with their respective holdings shown on DTC’s records upon DTC’s receipt of funds and corresponding detail information. Payments by participants to beneficial owners will be governed by standing instructions and customary practices, as is the case with securities held for the accounts of customers in bearer form or registered in “street name,” and will be the responsibility of these participants and not of DTC or any other party, subject to any statutory or regulatory requirements that may be in effect from time to time. Payment of principal and interest to Cede & Co., or such other nominee as may be requested by an authorized representative of DTC, is our responsibility, disbursement of such payments to direct participants is the responsibility of DTC, and disbursement of such payments to the beneficial owners is the responsibility of the direct or indirect participant.

We will send any redemption notices to DTC. If less than all of the notes are being redeemed, DTC’s practice is to determine by lot the amount of the interest of each direct participant in such issue to be redeemed.

A beneficial owner, or its authorized representative, shall give notice to elect to have its notes repaid by us, through its direct or indirect participant, to the trustee, and shall effect delivery of such notes by causing the direct participant to transfer that participant’s interest in the global note representing such notes, on DTC’s records, to the trustee. The requirement for physical delivery of notes in connection with a demand for repayment will be deemed satisfied when the ownership rights in the global note representing such notes are transferred by the direct participants on DTC’s records.

DTC may discontinue providing its services as securities depository for the notes at any time by giving us reasonable notice. Under such circumstances, if a successor securities depositary is not obtained, we will print and deliver certificated notes. We may decide to discontinue use of the system of book-entry transfers through DTC (or a successor securities depositary). In that event, we will print and deliver certificated notes.

The information in this section concerning DTC and DTC’s system has been obtained from sources that we believe to be reliable, but neither we, the Purchasing Agent nor any agent takes any responsibility for its accuracy.

Registration, Transfer and Payment of Certificated Notes

If we ever issue notes in certificated form, those notes may be presented for registration, transfer and payment at the office of the registrar or at the office of any transfer agent designated and maintained by us. We have initially designated JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., to act in those capacities for the notes. The registrar or transfer agent will make the transfer or registration only if it is satisfied with the documents of title and identity of the person making the request. There will not be a service charge for any exchange or registration of transfer of the notes, but we may require payment of a sum sufficient to cover any tax or other governmental charge that may be imposed in connection with the exchange. At any time, we may change transfer agents or approve a change in the location through which any transfer agent acts. We also may designate additional transfer agents for any notes at any time.

We will not be required to: (1) issue, register the transfer of or exchange any note to be redeemed for a period of 15 calendar days preceding the first publication of the relevant notice of redemption, or if registered notes are outstanding and there is no publication, the mailing of the relevant notice of redemption; (2) exchange or register the transfer of any note that was selected for redemption, in whole or in part, except the unredeemed portion of any such notes being redeemed in part; (3) exchange any unregistered notes selected for redemption except that such unregistered notes may be exchanged for registered notes of like tenor, provided that such registered notes shall be simultaneously surrendered for redemption; or (4) register the transfer of or exchange any notes surrendered for optional repayment, in whole or in part.

We will pay principal of and interest on any certificated notes at the offices of the paying agents we may designate from time to time. Generally, we will pay interest on a note by check on any interest payment date other than at stated maturity or upon earlier redemption or repayment to the person in whose name the note is registered at the


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