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‚ the currency, currencies or currency units in which we will make payments on the debt securities;

‚ the rate or rates at which the debt securities will bear interest, if any, or the method of determination of such rate or rates;

‚ the date or dates from which such interest, if any, shall accrue, the dates on which such interest, if any, will be payable and the method of determining holders to whom interest shall be payable;

‚ the prices, if any, at which, and the dates at or after which, we may or must repay, repurchase or redeem the debt securities;

‚ the exchanges, if any, on which the debt securities may be listed;

‚ the trustee under the indenture pursuant to which the debt securities are to be issued. (Sections 2.02 and 2.02A. Section references refer to the sections in the applicable indenture.); and

‚ any other terms of the debt securities not inconsistent with the provisions of the applicable indenture.

Unless otherwise speciÑed in the prospectus supplement, we will compute interest payments on the basis of a 360-day year consisting of twelve 30-day months. (Section 2.10).

Some of the debt securities may be issued as discounted debt securities to be sold at a substantial discount below their stated principal amount. The prospectus supplement will contain any Federal income tax consequences and other special considerations applicable to discounted debt securities.

The indentures do not contain any provisions that: ‚ limit our ability to incur indebtedness, or

‚ provide protection in the event GE Company, as sole indirect stockholder of GECC, causes GECC to engage in a highly leveraged transaction, reorganization, restructuring, merger or similar transaction.

Claims of our subsidiaries' creditors generally will have priority with respect to the assets and earnings of the subsidiaries over the claims of our creditors, including holders of the debt securities. The debt securities, therefore, will be eÅectively subordinated to creditors, including trade creditors of our subsidiaries.

Payment and Transfer

Unless we otherwise state in a prospectus supplement, we will issue debt securities only as registered securities, which means that the name of the holder will be entered in a register which will be kept by the Trustee or another agent of GECC. Unless we state otherwise in a prospectus supplement, we will make principal and interest payments at the oÇce of the paying agent or agents we name in the prospectus supplement or by mailing a check to such holder at the address speciÑed in the register.

Unless we describe other procedures in a prospectus supplement, a registered holder will be able to transfer registered debt securities at the oÇce of the transfer agent or agents we name in the prospectus supplement. The registered holder may also exchange registered debt securities at the oÇce of the transfer agent for an equal aggregate principal amount of registered debt securities of the same series having the same maturity date, interest rate and other terms as long as the debt securities are issued in authorized denominations.


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