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Your investment in the notes will involve certain risks. This prospectus supplement and the accompanying prospectus do not describe all of those risks.

In addition to the information relating to the businesses of GECC, which is incorporated by reference in the accompanying prospectus, you should, in consultation with your own financial and legal advisors, carefully consider the following discussion of risks before deciding whether an investment in the notes is suitable for you. The notes will not be an appropriate investment for you if you are not knowledgeable about significant features of the notes or financial matters in general. You should not purchase the notes unless you understand, and know that you can bea , these investment risks.

The market value of the notes may be affected by factors in addition to credit ratings.

The credit ratings assigned to the notes reflect the rating agencies’ opinion of our ability to make payments on the notes when such payments are due. However, the ratings do not take into account fluctuations in the market value of the notes as a result of changes in prevailing interest rates or other factors.

We may choose to redeem notes when prevailing interest rates are relatively low.

If your notes will be redeemable at our option, we may choose to redeem your notes from time to time, especially when prevailing interest rates are lower than the rate borne by the notes. If prevailing rates are lower at the time of redemption, you would not be able to reinvest the redemption proceeds in a comparable security at an effective interest rate as high as the interest rate on the notes being redeemed. Our redemption right also may adversely impact your ability to sell your notes as the optional redemption date or period approaches.

Survivor’s Option may be limited in amount.

We will have a discretionary right to limit the aggregate principal amount of notes subject to the Survivor’s Option that may be exercised in any calendar year to an amount equal to the greater of $2,000,000 or 2% of the outstanding principal amount of all the notes of this series outstanding as of the end of the most recent calendar year. We also have the discretionary right to limit to $250,000 in any calendar year the aggregate principal amount of notes subject to the Survivor’s Option that may be exercised in such calendar year on behalf of any individual deceased beneficial owner of notes. Accordingly, no assurance can be given that exercise of the Survivor’s Option for the desired amount will be permitted in any single calendar year.

We cannot assure that a trading market for your notes will ever develop or be maintained.

In evaluating the notes, you should assume that you will be holding the notes until their stated maturity. The notes are a new issue of securities. We cannot assure you that a trading market for your notes will ever develop, be liquid or be maintained. Many factors independent of our creditworthiness affect any trading market for and market value of your notes. Those factors include, without limitation:

  • the method of calculating the principal and interest for the notes;

  • the time remaining to the stated maturity of the notes;

  • the outstanding amount of the notes;

  • the redemption or repayment features of the notes; and

  • the level, direction and volatility of interest rates generally.

There may be a limited number of buyers when you decide to sell your notes. This may affect the price you receive for your notes or your ability to sell your notes at all.


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