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Advantages for Equipment Designers and Manufacturers

Equipment designers and manufacturers will realize the following advantages:

Standard Interface: The RG will provide the consumer electronics designers with a standard interconnection that will define the network interface. The RG Group envisions that appliances such as VCRs, camcorders, and game machines will be connected to an integrated home network that will enable new multi-media services.

Lower Costs: Network interface designers have too many protocol options at the appliance or peripheral side of the network. Without a standardized design such as the RG, they must guess or design for multiple interfaces. Standardization in the home will lower costs and accelerate the use of in-home networks.

Support Convergence: Development of network technologies and home device technologies are driven by very different industries. The RG concept will join advances in either area, thus reducing obsolescence and facilitating innovation.

The business model for this approach is designed to be open. Either, the utility, municipality, cable TV, telco, consumer, or satellite service provider can own the RG. It is financially attractive for the utility, telco, or cable TV company to build the cost into the utility rate base. The maximum point of insertion rule allows the operator to place a box before the demarcation point, and it remains part of the access network. Analogous to utility poles, consumers benefit from lower rates through the scale and scope of the utilities. The RG could rapidly evolve into the


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