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To increase the complexity we can make a very common addition – VCR. A VCR greatly increases the complexity because it is a sourc of video signals as well as a user of video signals. As a user of vide signals it appears the same as a TV, and the above mentioned solutions will also work for it. As a source of video signals, there a two ways to use the VCR with the RG:

  • If separate wiring is available, or is to be installed, back to the RG, then the VCR output (source of video signals) could be connected to the RG as another external network. This would require a fairly simple interface card to allow the interconnectio of the VCR, and would provide the signals of the VCR to any video receiver device in the home.

  • Another approach to allowing the VCR to provide signals back the RG by modulating them on to the coax bus back to the RG and filtering and bypassing the backwards signal to a network interface card for input as in the first option.

Other Levels of Complexity

Added telephones or telephone like devices (modems, faxes, etc.) operating in an analog mode generally do not substantially increase the level of complexity in a home environment because of the frequent existence of multiple pair home wiring. The existence of this wiring amounts to having multiple independent networks. Each such in-house network would require an RG interface card, but one of limited complexity.

If devices are added that require direct digital connectivity then this will require the provision of separate wiring (a separate in-


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