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PN-4407 (to be published as TIA/EIA TSB-110

  • Twisted pair, carrying voice and information services, as well as LAN and home automation applications.

  • Coaxial cable, carrying one- or two-way, analog or digital services, frequency-divided into channels. Currently this medium is primarily used for video broadcast and may also be used for high-speed data, voice, and digital video.

  • In-home fixed wireless network, narrowband media using analog or digital technology related to micro-cell and 900 MHz.

  • Infrared networks, carrying services such as home security, remote control and gaming.

  • Optical fiber networks, carrying high-bandwidth analog and digital applications.

  • Powerline networks, including control, energy management, and information services.


          Service Modules

The Service Modules (SMs) are application specific to expand Residential Gateway services. As such they are developed to meed the requirements of these applications. Applications envisioned at this time include:

  • Enhanced RG management

  • In-home network management

  • Directory services

  • Data storage

  • Specialized services such as TDD and calling number ID display.

  • Residential “PBX”

  • Master set-top box adjunct

  • Net TV adjunct

  • Security system adjunct

    • 5.3

      Operating System

The Residential Gateway Operating System shall arbitrate and select among access media and service providers, and shall coordinate network services that need access to home CPE. It shall exercise command and decision-making functions, process data related to service costs and preferences, and operate the network and premises interface devices.

The Residential Gateway Operating System shall:

  • Supervise and perform plug-n-play functions such as driver support, address and interrupt assignment, hot plugging and recognition of plug-in modules,

  • Perform bus arbitration and bus mastering functions to manage access and premises traffic on the PCI bus within the RG.

  • Facilitate format conversions to or from in-home or access communication protocols and

signal formats.


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