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Students are expected to comply with and abide by the school district's policies, rules and regulations.  Students who fail to abide by the school district's policies, rules, and regulations may be disciplined for conduct that: interferes with the education program; disrupts the orderly and efficient operation of the school district and its activities; interferes or disrupts the rights of other students to obtain their education or to participate in school activities; as well as behaviors which interrupt the maintenance of a disciplined atmosphere. Disciplinary measures include, but are not limited to, removal from the classroom, detention, suspension, probation, behavior contract, referral to law enforcement authorities and expulsion.  Discipline can also include prohibition from participating in extracurricular activities, including athletics.  The discipline imposed is based upon the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident and the student's record.

Jurisdiction Continued-

The school reserves and retains the right to modify, eliminate or establish school district policies, rules and regulations as circumstances warrant, including those contained in this handbook.  Students are expected to know the contents of the handbook and comply with it.  Students or parents with questions or concerns may contact the Principal's office for information about the current enforcement of the policies, rules or regulations of the school district.


In this handbook, the word "parent" also means "guardian" unless otherwise stated.  An administrator's title, such as Superintendent or Principal, also means that individual's designee unless otherwise stated.  The term "school grounds" includes the school district facilities, school district property, property within the jurisdiction of the school district or school district premises, school-owned or school-operated buses or vehicles and chartered buses.  The term "school facilities" includes school district buildings.  The term "school activities" means all school activities in which students are involved whether they are school-sponsored or school-approved, whether they are an event or an activity, or whether they are held on or off school grounds.

School Fees

The school district charges fees for certain items, such as field trips, class materials and class dues.  Students who have concerns about the fees should contact the Principal.  Students whose families meet the income guidelines for free and reduced price lunch, the Family Investment Program (FIP), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), transportation assistance under open enrollment, or who are in foster care are eligible to have their student fees waived or partially waived.  Students whose families are experiencing a temporary financial difficulty may be eligible for a temporary waiver of student fees.  Parents or students who believe they may qualify for temporary financial hardship should contact the office at registration time for a waiver form.  This waiver does not carry over from year to year and must be completed annually.  Students unable to pay class dues should contact their class sponsor.

Book and Other Fees

Students pay an annual book fee determined yearly by the Board of Education.  Books must be returned at the end of the class.  If books are not returned, students are charged a replacement fee.  Damage to a book in excess of normal wear and tear is also charged to the student.  In addition to book fees, there is a fee for the following classes:  P.E. (lock and towel), industrial art, agricultural/shop, and high school art.  If a student qualifies they may receive a full or partial waiver of fees.  A waiver form may be picked up in the office. [See School Fees]

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