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Local Liaison—Daron Henson—Seymour Schools—641 898-2291

National Center for Homeless Education—toll-free Helpline is


Access to Buildings---Students/Parents/Public

All visitors to the district buildings must first register as a visitor at the district offices. This would include all school property [grounds/parking lots].

Students must be under the direct supervision of a staff member before 8:10 or after school 3:35. Students will not gather unsupervised on school grounds before, during or after school. Students who ride buses need to report to them immediately after exiting the building. Non-bus students need to leave school grounds immediately after exiting the building. Activity participants will report at their scheduled reporting time and be under the supervision of their activity sponsors. Non-activity participants must be under the direct supervision of a staff member after 3:35 p.m.

** Any person [student/adult] who appears to be incapacitated [mental/physical] while on school grounds will be referred to law enforcement authorities. Threats to the school complex, students or schools personnel will be referred to the appropriated law enforcement authorities.

Location of Student Population

Students are to be located in the building [wing] that matches their age, grade, placement-[FAPE] and class assignment. Students who violate normal wing/area assignment [movement within such] will be restricted to a designated class/SH and assigned discipline measures.  Visitors/parents need to check in at the office upon arrival. The student will be brought to the office for communication. This cuts down on interruptions to the learning environment and helps protect student/staff safety.

Learning Materials [not provided by district]

Students are responsible for having the needed/required standard materials for successful class participation. This would include materials as required to complete--dated assignments and projects.

Summary of the Compulsory Attendance Law

Parents within the school district who have children who are over six and under sixteen years of age by September 15 in proper physical and mental condition to attend school shall have their children attend this school district at the attendance center designated by the board.  Students shall attend school the number of days school is in session in accordance with the school calendar.  Students attending competent private instruction shall attend a minimum of thirty-seven days per quarter and a minimum of one hundred and forty-eight days per year.

Exceptions to this law include children who: 1) have completed the requirements for graduation in an accredited school or have obtained a high school equivalency diploma; 2) are attending religious services or receiving religious instruction; 3) are attending an approved or probationary approved private college preparatory school; 4) are attending an accredited nonpublic school or 5) are receiving competent private instruction from a parent, guardian, or legal custodian.  It is the responsibility of the parent to provide evidence of the child's mental and physical inability to attend school or if the child meets one of the exceptions listed above.

It shall be the responsibility of the parent to notify the student's attendance center as soon as the parent knows the student will not be attending school that day.  The Principal/District will request evidence or written verification of the student's reason for absence.  Students who are absent without permission are considered truant.  To be truant means the student willfully failed to attend school regularly

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