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even though the student is required to attend.  Truant students will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

Compulsory Attendance-Continued

It is the responsibility of the Superintendent, in conjunction with the administrative team, to develop administrative regulations regarding this law.  The administrative regulations shall indicate the disciplinary action to be taken for the unexcused absence or absences.

Attendance Policy

The Seymour Community School District Attendance policy is based on the fact that something important happens in class every day and that the activity or interaction between teacher and student can never be exactly duplicated.

In order for the Seymour school staff to do the best job of educating the students entrusted to them, the students must be in regular attendance.  A successful educational program requires the cooperation of parents, the student to attend regularly, and the staff to be involved at all points in the process.  One of the most vital points is that of student attendance.  The attendance policy has been developed to encourage good attendance.

*Parents are requested to call the school when their student will be absent.  If no call is received, the school will attempt to call the parent.  The next day of attendance the student will surrender to the district office the written documentation explaining the absence [see excused absence below].

Also, the first day back from an absence a student must obtain an admit slip from the Principal's office.

By law the school district determines whether an absence is excused or unexcused.

Students six years of age through the completion of the year they turn 16 are required to attend school on a regular basis or have competent private instruction as described under section 299.4 of the Code of Iowa. Iowa law requires that a student be in regular attendance at their registered district. By law it is the responsibility of parents to insure that their children are in school.

The State of Iowa establishes the number of days in an academic school year. Local School Boards establish the minimum number of days of attendance during a school year.

The Seymour School Board believes attendance is crucial to academic success. It has limited the number of days that a student can be absent to the equivalent of five unexcused days during a semester. In addition senior students will be granted two college days within the year-verified. Juniors one day-verified. College days can not be taken during semester tests/last week of school.

Excused Absences-- are limited to the following:

-Hospitalization or extended illnesses-verified as under a doctor’s care

-Verified doctors appointments

-Professional appointments-accompanied by an office card upon returning

-Explainable family crisisexample fire or funeral [as determined by the district]

Unexcused absences include: all absences that occur when a student leaves school without obtaining permission to leave, and any absence not listed under excused absences where parents had knowledge of the absence.

Once you know your child is going to be absent for the day the district needs to be notified by phone 898-2291. Reasons are as such:

1. To help teachers prepare makeup materials.

2. Help ensure your child’s safety: transportation problems, stranger danger, missed the bus-

3. Appropriate verifiable documentation concerning the absence needs to accompany your child upon their return—so that an excused absence may be granted. * See excused absence above.

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