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Students who need to leave school during the school day must receive permission from the office. To leave school the student must:

*-Present to the office a note signed by the parents [can be verified].

*-Have the parent present to take charge of their child.

*-Have their parents telephone the office stating [to office staff] the reason for the needed dismissal.[*see excused absences above]

Upon the day of return [prior to the 8:25] bell] students who were absent will present their excuse for being gone for the previous day(s) to the office staff to obtain an admit to return to scheduled classes.

Students returning to class, or who arrive after the school day has begun, must present confirmation of absence through one of the three methods stated in the previous paragraph.

Students who fail to check in or check out will be disciplined.

Hours truant-will be made up- as assigned by the Principal. ** See Truancy

Attendance requirements for activity participants:

1. Student must be in attendance the day of an activity 8:30-3:30. The Principal/A.D.-will determine exceptions connected to a specialist appt. (Dr.) on an individual basis-w/proper written professional treatment documentation.

2. An activity participant must contact their head coach prior to 8:30 if they are not going to be in attendance to explain the absence and potential treatment sought. This also allows coaches time to plan lineup changes.

3. A student must be in attendance school the morning [8:30] following an activity, if not they will miss the following contest. Should the activity be on a Saturday, the student must have attended school 8:30-3:30 on the preceding Friday.

4. If an activity participant is not in attendance and it is an unexcused absence the student will be ineligible for next 2 scheduled activities.

Make-up Work

Students are responsible for arranging to make up schoolwork and are allowed to make up schoolwork only upon the approval of their teacher/administration [excused absence]. Students who know they are going to be absent prior to the absence must make arrangements [with the HS office & their teachers] in advance to make up schoolwork. Students have one day for each day absent to make up schoolwork upon returning from an excused absence.

****Exception-announced tests/projects with an announced due date.

-Students are not allowed to make up schoolwork past the make-up period nor are they allowed to submit work for credit that was due or assigned during an unexcused absence.

-A student who has missed five unexcused class periods in a semester will be placed on a probationary status within that class. On the sixth unexcused absence they will be dropped from that class.

-A student who arrives to class after the first ten minutes of a class is to be considered not in attendance. If it is unexcused, no credit will be allowed for- participation points, due assignments or testing.  

-Late to class within the first ten minutes of a class will be considered a tardy. *See truancy/tardy

-Excused school absences include any absence when the student attends a school-authorized function or event.  The student will be responsible for completing all work missed during the absence.  School absences [connected to an organized/approved school function] will not be included in the student's record.

The Seymour School Board has limited the number of days a student can be absent from school to five unexcused days during a semester.  A student will be counted as having missed one-half day if they miss two class periods in the morning or two class periods in the afternoon.  When a student misses the equivalent of six unexcused days of school in a semester they are placed in the Seymour Attendance Assurance program described below.

Seymour Attendance Assurance Plan-*Attendance/truancy officer will become involved.

Step 1: When a student has missed the equivalent of Six unexcused days of school within a semester, the Principal/attendance officer will notify the parent(s) and advise them to obtain documentation justifying any

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