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II.  Students have two days to serve a detention. The night it is assigned or the next night. Students are responsible for arrangement of transportation and notification of their parents. Students are to identify to the assigning teacher which of the two allowed nights they will be serving.

III. Detention is to be served with the instructor who assigns it. [Or ASSIGNED overflow STAFF].

a.  Students who are late to the 3:35 start time will be assigned Saturday school & are ineligible until served.

b.  If a detention is not served within the two allowed two-day period the student is assigned two days of Saturday school & is ineligible for all extracurricular activities within that two Saturday period.

c.  Any Saturday school day skipped jumps a student to 5th step status noted above.  Additional ineligibility time will be imposed by the Bd. Of Ed./ Administration to support the discipline measures.

IV.  Students who get detention the night of an activity face a choice.

A. Serve the detention that night.

B. Make arrangements for transportation and serve the second night.

C. Make a conscious effort to not get detention through tardiness or poor behavior.

D. ** Students who dress out/participate after being declared ineligible will remain ineligible the remainder of the current grading period along with the first portion of the next grading period.

   ** Second semester seniors—will suffer loss of lettering potential in place of next grading period penalty.

E. Students are to have work or a book to read during detention/ISS. Non-productivity will result in another assigned detention/or further discipline measures.

It is the belief of the district that a student cannot impede the ability of teachers to teach or the right of other students to learn. Students are to come to class daily with the required materials prepared to learn. See academic detention / mediation- & Sat. School.


In most cases tardiness can be avoided and will not be tolerated. * A student is tardy if they are not in the room when the bell rings.

*** A student late to class after the first ten minutes is recorded as an unexcused absence. No credit is allowed for days where an unexcused absence is recorded. [9 weeks].

*** See activity participant report time---p.10   

1st tardy- recorded/inform student and office.

2nd tardy-recorded/inform student and office.

3rd tardy—one day of lunchtime detention in the Res. Room + detention in the office/overflow.

4th tardy-- will be assigned a week of lunchtime detention in the Res. Room.

5th tardy-- will be assigned a week of ISS and a Saturday school day from 8:30 until noon-loss of eligibility.

6th tardy-- will be assigned ISS until the student/parent can meet with the Board of Directors to determine the status of the student. [To consider-recommend expulsion/behavior contract/other possible measures that will insure a positive learning environment for all]-----loss of eligibility.

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