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[*From 3rd tardy on—a student is ineligible until all discipline measures are served.]

I.    Detention time will be after school for 25 minutes---3:35-4:00 in the office/overflow person.

II.   Students have two nights to start on the step #3 detentions. [*See above]. The night it is assigned or the next night. Students are responsible for arrangement of transportation and notification of their parents. Students are to identify to the office staff the night serving once notified [within 2 night limitation].

III. Step #3 tardy detentions are to be served in the office  [Or ASSIGNED overflow STAFF].

a.  Students who are late to the 3:35[step #3 tardy detentions start time] will be assigned a Saturday school for each & are ineligible until all are fully served.

b.  Any detention is not served [from step #3 two detention penalty] within the allowed two-day period, the student is assigned two days of Saturday school & is ineligible for all extracurricular activities within that two Saturday period.

c.  Any Saturday school day skipped jumps a student to 5th step status noted above.  Additional ineligibility time will be imposed by the Board of Education and/or the Administration to support the discipline measures and proper school attendance.

IV.  Students are reminded that there is 5 min. passing time between bells. If an instructor keeps you thus making you late to another class, that instructor should communicate 1st hand with your next teacher to explain the situation. Infringement on the instructional time of other teachers should be rare. Students should:

A. Make a conscious effort to not be tardy

B. ** Students who dress out/participate after being declared ineligible will remain ineligible the remainder of the current grading period along with the first portion of the next grading period.    

   ** Second semester seniors—will suffer loss of lettering potential in place of next grading period penalty.

C. Students are to have work or a book to read during detentions/ISS. Non-productivity will result in Saturday school assignment/or further discipline measures.


School Day

Students may not be present on school grounds before 8:00 a.m. or after 4:00 p.m. only when they are under the supervision of an employee or an extracurricular activity sponsor.  If school is dismissed early, students are expected to leave the school grounds within 30 minutes of dismissal time. Students are not to be playing games of any type before or after school in areas not designated activities areas. This would include the bus loading area, any area adjacent to the building, or parking lots.

Inclement Weather

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