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When school is canceled because of inclement weather prior to the start of the school day, students and parents are notified over KCOG or WHO radio and WHO, WOI, KCCI or KTVO television stations.  The missed day will be made up at a later date.

If school is dismissed because of inclement weather after the school day has begun, parents are notified by the same means.  Parents of students who ride the bus are notified how students will be returned home with the notification that school has been dismissed.  The Superintendent determines whether buses will follow the regular routes.  If the buses do not follow the regular routes, they will follow emergency routes or the parents are responsible for picking up the students at the school building.

Extracurricular activities or practices scheduled for the day or evening of a day when school is canceled or dismissed early are generally canceled and re-scheduled.  The Principal/A.D. will determine whether to hold extracurricular activities or practices.  If the extracurricular activity is to be held, students and parents are notified in the same manner as the notification that school was dismissed.

Corridor Conduct

The conduct of the students in the halls is frequently the basis used by visitors in evaluating the entire school. Students are to keep hands, feet, and objects to themselves. Running, pushing, inappropriate language or boisterous behavior is inappropriate and will result in discipline measures.  Students are requested to assist with traffic flow by keeping to the right in the halls and avoiding gathering in large groups. Students will not set in the halls before, during or after school. Students must be under the direct supervision of a staff member before 8:10 or after school 3:35. Students will not gather unsupervised on school grounds before, during or after school. Students who ride buses need to report to them immediately after exiting the building. Non-bus students need to leave school grounds immediately after exiting the building. Activity participants will report at their scheduled reporting time and be under the supervision of their activity sponsors. Non-activity participants must be under the direct supervision of a staff member after 3:35 p.m.

Hall Passes  [Study Hall]

Students must have a hall pass to be in the halls when classes are in session.  Students may obtain a hall pass from their teacher.  Student activity in the hallway should be kept to a minimum while classes are in session. * See location of students.

Students [and study hall supervisors] are not [to allow students] to interrupt the academic time or classes of other individual teachers. Students cannot check out of study halls that have one failing mark. Students must have secured their pass prior to the study hall period.


Prior to starting school or when transferring into the school district, students must present an approved Iowa Department of Public Health immunization certificate signed by a health care provider stating that the student has received the immunizations required by law.  Students without the proper certificate are not allowed to attend school until they receive the immunizations or the student makes arrangements with the Principal.  Only for specific medical or religious purposes are students exempted from the immunization requirements.  Students may also be required to pass a TB test prior to attending school.  Parents who have questions should contact the office.

Physical Examinations

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