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1. Senior work release application form can be obtained from Mr. Lange [turned in prior to day of Bd. Meeting].

2. The applicant and the adult work release site supervisor [both] must appear at the Dec. Bd. Meeting to describe the work release site and the new skills being taught and mastered.

3. A weekly progress form will be completed by the site supervisor and surrendered to Mr. Lange by the student each Monday. [2nd time forgot-restricted to campus that day, doubled from there.]

4. See tardy policy p.14.----- Bd./agent can terminate work release privilege at any time for poor behavior.

5. A student too ill to be at school in the am is too ill to be at the work site in the pm.

6. Documented verification of illness can be requested at any time during enrollment in the program.

Once a student is on early release they should check out in the office (at their designated time) and leave school grounds.  If a student needs to stay on campus (after their designated time to leave) they need to check with the Principal.


The school district operates a lunch and breakfast program.  Students may either bring their own lunches to school or purchase a lunch and other items, including milk.  Breakfast, lunch and milk computer credits tickets may be purchased in the office before school starts. Free or reduced school lunches are available and you can check in the Superintendent's office regarding those programs.  Students and parents are urged to keep their computer credit lunch accounts current.

Food and drink items are not to be taken outside the cafeteria during the lunch period.  After 9-12 students finish eating they are free to go up town, outside or stay in the cafeteria, but they are not to be anywhere else in the building without permission.  If students do not eat in the cafeteria and go up town to eat they are not to drive or ride in a vehicle during the open lunch period.  The Jr. High lunch period will be 12:05-12:25 and the High School lunch period will be 12:25-12:55.  Jr. High students may go up town if they bring a note from their parents [weekly] stating the days they wish to go up town.  If the open lunch period is revoked students are to remain in the cafeteria during the lunch period. See lunchroom rules/open campus rules.   

Cafeteria Rules [see- cafeteria & open campus]

1. Students are to remain seated. Students will not exhibit behaviors/excite behaviors, which interrupt the maintenance of a disciplined atmosphere.

2. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. Lunch supervisors determine the acceptable level of noise/speech [usually normal conversation level].

3. Students are to control their own behavior concerning their speech, actions, and manner.

4. Individuals are responsible for the condition of their immediate area.

5. Students who cannot control their own behavior will be required to: sit at the teacher table, be assigned a different lunch shift, or assigned other discipline measures.

6. Secondary students who break the lunch shift/open campus rules may lose their open campus for a semester. Other discipline measures will be used where necessary.

7. Open campus rules- [Penalties are intended to be placed on the individual, but may be applied to the entire student body]. See open campus above

a. Be only in the lunchroom or outside the west part of the HS building. Not roaming the building-supervisors are obligated to assign discipline measures.

b. No students are to be at/in cars or in the parking lot. All vehicles remained parked. Cars placed around town [driven/attended to] will result in loss of open campus.

c. Students reported to be smoking or doing illegal acts will be confined to the lunchroom and may be referred to local authorities.

d. Reports of littering or walking on the streets will result in the loss of open campus.

e. Students tardy back from lunch will result in discipline measures [to include but not limited to] loss of open campus and assignment to the lunchroom.

f. No cutting ahead in the lunch line.

          [Discipline measures will be applied for violation of items 1-7].

Open Campus

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