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       Directions to be followed for a

       Tornado Warning-

The tornado alarm will be sounded by a series of short buzzes.  Students are to pass in a calm and orderly manner to the following designated areas:

Band Roomwill go to the North three practice rooms

Vo-Ag, Industrial Arts & Art Roomswill go to the rest rooms in the shop building

Gym and Music Roomswill go to the Basement below the stage

The rest of the Main Building will go to the Aide’s room on the lower interior 1st floor

If students are outside they should go to the nearest shelter, and if students are inside but not in a room they should also go to the nearest shelter.

              Directions to be followed for a

Fire Alarm-

A continuous buzzing of the alarm will sound the fire alarm.  In case of a fire (or fire drill) students should follow designated exit routes in a calm and orderly manner.  All students should congregate on the sidewalk on the West Side of the building or the south concrete.  The Principal will signal when it is safe to return to the building.

          Directions to be followed for an


Should an earthquake occur, teachers and students should seek any available cover under desks or heavy furniture.  Areas near walls and away from windows tend to be the safest.  Approximately one minute after the end of the tremor, students and staff should follow established fire escape routes and procedures out of the building.

Directions to be followed for

Bomb/Physical Threat- School Complex-

[Two short buzzes of the alarm will preempt directions given over the P.A. system]

    In event of a bomb threat [or we need to evacuate students away from the school complex] the following procedure will be followed by all school personnel.

1.   The words “ students and staff we are under a Code 22 situation” will signal the start of the procedure.


Students are to remain [in the room] with their current instructor.


No student [staff] is to leave his or her current location. No one goes to the restroom, returns a book, gets a coat, or goes to get a friend. These are all too dangerous.


Teachers are to take a quick list of their students [grade book] and leave the building through your designated fire exit.


Once out of the building you are to walk your students single file [on the sidewalk] to:

6.   Elementary reports to the Community Center [ Elem. Principal will assign a sight leader to assist and serve in his/her absence.]— He/she will forward directions from the administration / local law enforcement.

7.  Secondary reports to the American Legion Hall [Mr. Choponis and Mr. Kruzich will serve as site leaders. They will assist and serve in the absence of the Sec. Principal]—they will receive and forward directions from the administration / local law enforcement.


Students and staff are to remain at these sites until further directions are released to site leaders through the administration / local law enforcement.

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