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Only a parent [guardian] may come to take charge of their child. Students and parents must check out with their supervising teacher prior to leaving the site.  


Parents are reminded that they should park on the square and walk to the site to take charge of their child. Once they have taken charge of their child---the parent needs to leave the areato make it safer for others to pick up their children.

Directions for---Student / staff restricted to rooms--- Lockdown

[Two short buzzes of the alarm will preempt directions given over the P.A. system]

    In event a threat or situation would warrant students/staff being restricted to their rooms they will hear over the P.A. system---Attention all students and staff  “ If Mr. Red is in the building would he please come to the office.”

Once this is heard students are to remain in your room and you are to lock the door. Keep students away from windows and doors. Bells and even the end of the school day will not affect this lockdown mode. Further instructions or an all clearmessage will be given over the P.A. system.



Student Conduct

Students at Seymour Community School are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that will not interfere with the instructor's responsibility to teach or with the student's right to learn.  When a student is guilty of an offense, which interferes with the educational process, his/her parents will be notified with a phone call or a letter from the teacher or the office.  Parental help in solving disciplinary problems is desired and needed.  Should parental notification not succeed in correcting the misconduct, the parents will be asked to meet with the teacher to discuss a solution to the problem.  If this does not succeed and there is continued misconduct the student may be dropped from the class, suspended or in some cases expelled from school.

Discipline is defined as- to train or develop by instruction and exercise in self-control. Students who have not learned to practice self-control or who by choice violate the rules of the Seymour Community School District are subject to penalties which may include, but are not limited to- removal from the classroom, detention, suspension, probation [behavior contract], referral to law enforcement authorities and expulsion. It may also include prohibition from participating in extracurricular activities, including athletics.

Illegal Items Found In School or In Students' Possession

Students are prohibited from distributing, dispensing, manufacturing, possessing, using, and being under the influence of alcohol, inhalants, drugs, or look-a-like substances; and possessing or using tobacco, tobacco products or look-a-like substances.  Weapons/explosives/dangerous-odor producing chemicals/fire producing objects or items that have been fashioned into threatening objects [or look-a-like items] are not allowed on school grounds or at school activities with the exception of weapons in the control of law enforcement officials or those being used for educational purposes and approved by the Principal.  Students bringing firearms to school or possessing firearms at school will be expelled for not less than one year.  

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