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Students are expected to take care of school property including desks, chairs, books, lockers and school equipment [Athletic Equip.].  Vandalism is not tolerated.  Students found to have destroyed or otherwise harmed school property will be disciplined and may be required to reimburse the school district.  In certain circumstances, students may be reported to law enforcement officials.

Interference of Educational Atmosphere

Students may not possess communication/electronic devises, radios, lighters, lasers, televisions, water guns, toys and other similar items that are disruptive to the schools daily functioning, on school grounds or at school activities.  The items are taken away from the students and returned at a later date to the parents or the students. Students are not to have their personal cell phones/communication devises on while in the building 8:00-3:30 daily. Discipline measures will be applied.--- Cell Phones are not to be taken to PE class.


Detention---taken ----returned at end of day.


Detention---taken restricted lunch [in Res. Room] for a week.


Loss of open campus for 9 weeks. Turn in phone daily. [Loss of eligibility]


Other discipline as assigned ---including referral to the Bd. of Ed.

Student Desk and Locker Inspection

Student desks and lockers are the property of the school district.  Students shall use the desks and lockers assigned to them for storing their school materials and personal items necessary for attendance at school. It shall be the responsibility of each student to keep the student’s assigned desk and lockers clean, undamaged, and free of contraband.   Students in joint possession of a locker are also considered to be in joint possession of any contraband in the locker. This means that if items prohibited by law or by school rules are found in a locker assigned to two students, both students may be disciplined for having those items. The expenses to repair damage done to a student's locker are charged to the student.

A student's desk, locker and belongings can be searched whenever an administrator or teacher has a reasonable and articulable suspicion that: a criminal offense or a school district policy, rule or regulation bearing on school order has been violated, and the administrator or teacher has a reasonable and articulable belief that the search will produce evidence of the violation.  An inspection may be accomplished through the use of law enforcement officials, tactics, and resources at their disposal. Items in violation of school district policies, rules or regulations found in student lockers will be confiscated.  Illegal items will be given to law enforcement officials. [See prohibited behaviors]

Locker/desk inspections are conducted periodically [at any time] throughout the school year.  These inspections are generally for the purpose of ensuring that lockers are clean and well kept. Food items should not be lockers. All needed food should be taken to the food service areas [Kitchen/FCS Room].

Students are to keep with their assigned locker. Students wishing to switch locker/partners must do so through the HS office.

Dress Code

There is a strong connection between academic performance, students' appearance and students' conduct.  Inappropriate student appearance may cause material and substantial disruption to the school environment or present a threat to the health and safety of students, employees and visitors on school grounds.  Students are expected to adhere to reasonable levels of cleanliness and modesty.  Students are expected to wear clothing that is appropriate to their age level and that does not disrupt the school or educational environment.

Students are prohibited from wearing clothing advertising or promoting items illegal for use by minors: [including, but not limited to] alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs. Students are prohibited from wearing shoes with cleats except for outdoor athletic practices; and from wearing clothing displaying obscenity, profanity, vulgarity, racial or sexual remarks, making reference to prohibited conduct or similar displays.  Students are not to wear- tank tops, see-through clothing, undergarments as outerwear, or half shirts.  Girls are not to

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