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Threats of Violence

All threats of violence, whether oral, written, or symbolic, against students, employees, visitors, or to school facilities are prohibited.  All such threats will be promptly investigated.  Law enforcement may be contacted.  Threats issued and delivered away from school or school activities may be grounds for disciplinary action if the threat impacts the orderly and efficient operation of the school.

Students engaging in threatening behavior will face disciplinary consequences up to and including expulsion. The following factors will be considered in determining the extent to which a student will be disciplined for threatening or terroristic behavior; the background of the student, including any history of violence or prior threatening behavior; the student's access to weapons of any kind; the circumstances surrounding the threat; the age of the student; the mental and emotional maturity of the student; cooperation of the student and his or her parent(s) or guardian(s) in the investigation; the existence of the student's juvenile or criminal history; the degree of legitimate alarm or concern in the school community created by the threat; and any other relevant information from any credible source.

Prohibited Behaviors---Include but are not limited to:


Threatening or actual infliction of bodily harm or physical violence upon the person of any student or employee of the district.

The term “infliction of bodily harm” shall include fighting. In case of fighting, all of the participants in the fight in question shall be liable for the violation of this rule. Self-protection shall not be a defense unless the student can show:

--No baiting or harassment had taken place.

--In the case of unprovoked attack, the student first sought the assistance of school personnel and attempted to avoid or escape the confrontation, and-

--In the event assistance or escape was unavailable, the student used only such force as was necessary to prevent serious bodily harm.

--Iowa law requires students who assault an employee in a school building, on school grounds or at a school-sponsored function be suspended from school. 282.4(2).

Fighting- [Record of infractions does not start over yearly]

1st-situation—3 days OSS, assigned two Saturday school days, loss of eligibility for two events and loss of open campus for four weeks.

2nd situation-3 days OSS, assigned four Saturday school days, loss of eligibility for four events and loss of open campus for nine weeks.

3rd situation-3 days OSS & ISS until board of directors can meet with student/parent to determine  

status. [Immediate loss of eligibility & loss of open campus for 18 weeks]. . *See district jurisdiction p. 5 & 6.


Interference or harassment of school personnel in the performance of their assigned and lawful duties. Interference or harassment of students in pursuit of a FAPE. Exhibiting behaviors/excites behaviors that interrupt the maintenance of a disciplined atmosphere.


Insubordination—the refusal, defiance, or failure to comply with the reasonable and lawful instructions or orders of school personnel.


Conduct which materially and substantially threatens to or actually disrupts the educational process or interferes with the rights of others. This would include civil rights and the right to be free from intimidation.


Attempting to enter or unauthorized entry into the school building or any unauthorized area. Gambling, extortion, criminal trespass, vandalism and/or other criminal acts.


Attempting to take or taking of property from any student or employee of the district by use of force, coercion, or threat of force. The unauthorized taking, use, or possession of the property of another person [theft].


Possession or use of explosives, firearms, or other dangerous weapons. Possession or construction of objects that have been fashioned into weapons or threatening objects.


Intentionally damaging school property or private property, which is lawfully on school premises.

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