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Rules for Out-of School Suspension---- OSS


The student is ineligible for all extracurricular activity participation.


Upon returning the student will be expected to secure and complete all missed assignments.


Alternate assignments may be assigned for labs/projects/assessment to promote mastery.


Course credit will only be given for assignments completed within the standard make-up date completion guidelines.


Violations of district policy, rules and regulations [and/or criminal behavior] may include additional discipline measures which may include but are not limited to-


Detentions/extended periods of ineligibility [to be served within assigned timeframe]


Further days ISS/OSS


Probation [behavior contracts]


Referral to law enforcement authorities


Further discipline measures applied by the Supt. of Schools


Further discipline measures applied by the Board of Education


Expulsion from the Seymour Community School District

*  Students suspended OSS for truancy infractions will receive no credit for assignments.

* A student suspended OSS for four or more days during a school year must be reinstated by the Supt. of Schools. [See item e. & f. above]

* The discipline imposed will be based upon the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident as well as the student’s record.

* OSS students are not to be on school grounds during the suspension period [& are ineligible].

Student Expulsion

The Board may, by a majority vote of the members present at a hearing to determine the severity of the alleged misconduct, expel a student from the school.  The legal grounds for expulsion are:         

(1) Immorality; (2) violation of rules and regulations set or approved by the Board; (3) evidence that the presence of the student is detrimental to the best interests of the school.

The expulsion of a student will be considered only after a thorough investigation of the facts, with procedural due process observed.  Disciplinary hearings shall be scheduled by the Superintendent, when, in the Superintendent's opinion, expulsion of the student is one of the alternatives in dealing with the case under consideration.  Only the Board of Directors shall consider students expelled from school for re-admission.  The procedures for reconsideration shall be forwarded to the student in the letter of expulsion.

Academic Detention- [*see other support services] *see family connections/success 4.

It is the goal and belief of the district and staff that every student can learn. Many skills are taught and reinforced through instruction and the daily routines of an academic day. Students are given time to start and, many times, complete their assignments before the end of a given class period. Students need to use this time and their study halls to complete assigned academic work. Every community member and every parent should want our young people to achieve to the best of their abilities. Their knowledge and acquired skills will someday lead this great nation. It is our responsibility to nurture, lead and expect each child to progress towards his/her knowledge and skill potential. Parents need to support this process by setting aside time at home for their child to finish his/her daily academic work.

Teachers offer academic support to all students 8:10- 8:25 and after 3:30 daily.  

A student must ask for help and make effort to keep current on their academic assignments. If students don’t use class time wisely, do not take time at home to finish projects or assignments, do not ask teachers for assistance this could result in academic failure. We hope that parents will take advantage of the professional

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