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skills of our certified staff and work with their child to promote academic success. We have a responsibility to do as much as we can do--- “to leave no child behind”.

Academic Detention- may be assigned by teachers—to promote student academic accountability. This would be in response to a student exhibiting---Lack of on-task behaviors, improper use of guided/independent academic practice time or a chronic lack of assignment completion.

 *Parents wanting their child to receive assistance---should call 898-2291.

[*See- student assistance team/family connections/success 4 program coordinator].

 *Parents who have E-mail- are encouraged to exchange their E-mail address with specific teachers to more closely monitor student progress and better ensure academic success.


Senior High Teacher Internship- [priority for 11th-12th graders].

Senior high students interested in the teaching profession will be able to participate in exploring areas of this career under the direct supervision of one of our certified teachers. Prior to registration each semester, students are to apply at the guidance office for what openings are available. STAFF RECOMMENDATIONS AND GRADE SENIORITY may help determine placement. This program is under the supervision of the Elementary and Secondary Principals in conjunction with the Guidance Department.

To be eligible a student must:

1. Be a student in good standing. No failing marks or good conduct violations.

2. Have a 2.0 or above GPA.

3. Have a scheduled study hall to participate.

4. No current discipline referrals.

5. Understand the concept of confidentiality. Sign off [on paper] stating they will protect it.

6. Understand at the first discipline/good conduct referral the student will be dropped from the program.

7. Understand that they will help provide support in such activities as reading, tutoring, and checking papers.

8. Any interference/disruption to the natural/expected learning environment will result in the

cancellation of specific program sites.

9. Second semester participation will be based on supervising teacher recommendation, scheduling/credit qualification and approval of the principal.

10. Credit will be awarded based on a successful two-semester participation schedule. [Justified by contact hrs. and performance evaluation.]


Throughout the year the school district sponsors school assemblies.  Attendance at these assemblies is a privilege.  Students must act in an orderly fashion and remain quiet on their way to an assembly, during an assembly and on their way back to the classroom after an assembly.  Students will attend assemblies unless, for disciplinary reasons, the privilege is taken away.  If the parents wish for a student to not attend a specific assembly they may notify the office.  If a student wishes to not attend an assembly they should talk to the Principal.  Students who are not attending assemblies shall report to the office during assemblies.

Field Trips

In certain classes field trips and excursions are authorized and may be taken as an extension of the classroom to contribute to the achievement of the educational goals of the school district.  If a field trip is required for a course, students are expected to attend the field trip.  Absences in other classes or school activities due to attendance on field trips or excursions are considered excused absences. Field trip make up assignment sheets must be completed by participants by the set due date.

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