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All field trips are scheduled through the central office. While on field trips, students are guests of the visiting location and are considered ambassadors and representatives of this school district.  Students must treat employees, chaperones and guides with respect and courtesy. Prior to attending a field trip, students must return a note signed by the student's parents.  If there is a required fee it must accompany the permission form.  Students unable to afford the cost of the field trip should contact their teacher.

School-Sponsored Student Organizations

School-sponsored student organizations (or extracurricular activities) are those which are recognized

by the school district and the school board.  School-sponsored student organizations and activities

Include:  Future Farmers of America, FCCLA, National Honor Society, Student Council, Academic

Bowl, Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Football, Marching

Band, Band, Track, Vocal Music, Volleyball, Golf, School Plays/Productions, Prom, Newspaper Staff,

Yearbook Staff and currently agreed to shared activities.

[Grade level participation varies-----Elem./JH/HS]  

Participation in school-sponsored student organizations (or extracurricular activities) is a privilege.  Individual sponsors or coaches may impose rules in addition to those contained in this handbook.  The privilege of participation may be suspended or canceled for violating an individual coach or sponsor’s rule as well as for violation of school district policies, rules or regulations. Good citizenship and good sportsmanship are to be displayed at all times.

Extracurricular Activities Philosophy

The activities and organizations offered by the Seymour Community School are open to all registered students [age restrictions apply].  It is the policy of the Seymour Community School not to discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, creed, age, marital status or physical disability in such activities.

The extracurricular activity program is provided to supplement the student's education.  It is an important part of the total school program and contributes to the scope of the learning experience.  A variety of activities are offered to appeal to as many students as possible.

The opportunity to participate may benefit the student in many ways.   While emphasis is placed on OPPORTUNITY, only the student can change this to reality.  The school can make the program available, but only the student can provide the DESIRE, ENTHUSIASM, and EFFORT, which make it valuable.

We encourage every student to participate.  While encouraging participation, the student must understand that participation in extracurricular activities is a PRIVILEGE, not a right.  Therefore, the school expects a higher standard of conduct and behavior from students participating in extracurricular activities.  Students must realize they represent their community, their peers, and their school.  A student has broad obligations to meet as an individual in the attempt to become a successful young adult.  Therefore the following academic standards and good conduct rule will govern student participation in all extracurricular activities.

Students not participating in an activity are not allowed at an activity’s practice time. Distraction could lead to increased chance of injury and less efficient skill mastery. Only—the head coach can grant non-participant student access to practice time. Coaches may assign discipline measures to students interrupting their practice time.

Correspondence concerning school activities should be directed to the Athletic Director, Principal, and Superintendent of Schools.

**See—Individual program---Activity Manuals, Coach/Sponsor Activity Handbook- concerning lettering and other specific program requirements not contained in this Student Handbook.

Spectator Behavior- [See IHSAA Spectator Code of Conduct and Iowa Code 716.7]

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