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3. Work hard to improve yourself and your activity group.

4. Be a team player. Do your part.

5. Be at all meetings and performances.

6. Remain eligible through good behavior and your best efforts in the classroom.

7. Treat your coach, officials and others with respect, understanding your role in the organization.

8. Communicate any problems/concerns to your sponsor in an appropriate [1st hand] manner.

9. Students are responsible for returning all district equipment to the school in a condition showing only reasonable wear. [TURNING IN ALL REQUIRED PAPERWORK/CHECK OUT SHEETS-season/yearly]

10. Students and parents are responsible to have and know the rules contained in each sport/activity manual.

11. Participants are expected to finish the season and meet all eligibility standards of the district and coaching staff.

12. Students are representatives of our district. Inappropriate behavior before/during/ or after an activity may result in student dismissal from the activity membership, being barred from attending school events, and other applicable discipline measures.

***** Participation problems involving two activities the same time will be solved using communication between program directors as well as input from the involved student- following “the activity first started is the first finished” guideline. Participation controversies will be mediated and then assigned by the A.D. and Principal.

Eligibility of Transfer Students

Students who transfer to Seymour Community School will be under the eligibility rules and regulations of the Iowa High School Athletic Association.  The student will also be under the Seymour Community School eligibility rules and regulations.  Further, any student declared ineligible under the prior school district's Good Conduct Rule, and then without having completed the full period ineligibility at that school transfers to Seymour Community School, will not be eligible for interscholastic competition at Seymour Community School, until the full period of ineligibility has been completed.  Once that time period of ineligibility has been completed, the student is then immediately eligible for interscholastic competition at Seymour Community School as far as any Good Conduct Rule is concerned.

Extracurricular Activities Good Conduct Rule

Students who participate in extracurricular activities serve as ambassadors of the school district.  The students are judged by their character and conduct during the school day, before and after school hours, and during the summer months.  The following three rules of good conduct shall be in effect throughout the calendar year with regard to all students in the Seymour Community School District.

1.  Any student whose habits and/or conduct are such as to make him/her unworthy to represent the ideals, principles, students, and standards of the school shall be declared ineligible until the local school administration reinstates the student to eligibility.  Violations shall include, but not be limited to: tardiness, truancy, absenteeism, cheating, fighting, stealing, damaging school property, misappropriation of school property, abusive language, harassment, or rude and offensive conduct.

2.  Any student who is observed by a school staff member or a law enforcement official, or admits to, or at a judicial or administrative proceeding is found by substantial evidence to have: used, consumed, possessed,

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