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Due Process Procedures Pertaining To The Good Conduct Rule

Students whose participation may be affected by a violation of the good conduct rule will be provided the following due process procedure.

1.  The student shall be provided with a hearing with the high school administration.  At this hearing the student will be given notice of which provision of the good conduct rule he/she is accused of violating and the basis of that charge.  After such notice, the student shall be given the opportunity to admit or deny the charge and explain his/her side of the story.  The high school administration shall determine whether the student has violated the good conduct rule and shall notify the parents or guardian of the decision.

2.  The student, parents, or guardian may appeal the decision within five days to the Superintendent.  The Superintendent shall conduct the appeal hearing within five days after receipt of the appeal notice.  The decision of the superintendent shall be made in writing.

3.  The Superintendent's decision may be appealed within five days to the Board of Education by delivering a written appeal notice to the Board of Education appointed administrator.  The board appointee shall schedule the appeal for a regular or special meeting of the Board of Education.  The decision of the Board of Education shall be set forth in the written minutes of the board.

4.  Any appeal procedure following the initial decision by the administrator shall NOT delay the period of ineligibility as determined by the administrator and in such instance the period of ineligibility shall remain in effect until such time as the decision of the administrator has been reversed by one of the appeal bodies.

Activity Bus

** Students who ride an activity bus must ride to and from the event on the activity bus. Students must ride home on the activity bus unless an emergency situation would warrant the Principal/ A.D./ coach/sponsor releasing them to governmental authorities.

** Parents must personally appear and request to transport their child home.

The school district may sponsor an activity bus and/or pep bus to transport students to school activities.  A fee may be charged to students riding the activity bus.  Riding on the activity bus is a privilege that can be taken away.

Student Participation in Non-School Athletics

A high school student who participates in school-sponsored athletics may participate in non-school sponsored sports during the same season.

Use of School District Facilities by Student Organizations

School district facilities are available during non-school hours to school-sponsored and non-school-sponsored student organizations for the purpose of meetings or activities.  Students wishing to use the school district facilities should contact their sponsor or the Principal to reserve a room.  School district policies, rules and regulations are in effect during these meetings.

Use of district facilities/resources by staff  members and their families after regular school hours [after 5:00 PM—before 7:30 AM daily [or weekends] must be cleared through the Supt. office.


The Principal must approve school-sponsored dances at least three weeks prior to the date of the dance. Arrangements will be made with sponsors. The class [organization] sponsoring the dance is liable and must pay for any damage done to the school property during the event. The sponsoring class [organization] is

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