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1. Statements & notification of families involved. [Outside community service providers] level one investigator will assign appropriate discipline measures----appropriate to severity of situation.

2. ---3 days OSS, assigned two Saturday school days, loss of eligibility for two events and loss of open campus for two weeks.

3. ---3 days OSS, assigned four Saturday school days, loss of eligibility for four events and loss of open campus for four weeks. [Notification of outside service providers].

4. ---3 days OSS & ISS until board of directors can meet with student/parent to determine  

status. [Immediate loss of eligibility & loss of open campus]. . *See district jurisdiction p. 5 & 6.

*** See Harassment Form—end of student handbook

*** See State of Iowa Bullying & Harassment Law


Inspection of Educational Materials

Parents and other members of the school district community may view the instructional materials used by students in the office.  Copies may be obtained according to board policy.  Tests and assessment materials are only available for inspection with the consent of the Superintendent.  Persons wishing to view instructional materials or to express concerns about instructional materials should contact the Principal.

Cheating  [*See Good Conduct Rule]

Students are expected to do their own schoolwork.  Cheating by looking at another student's schoolwork, copying others' work, copying from other sources or similar cheating is not tolerated.  In addition to the discipline outlined in this handbook, discipline may include the loss of class credit. Theft of teacher materials may result in recommended expulsion and /or other discipline measures.

Class Loads

Students must be registered for at least 6 classes, plus P.E., per semester unless the Principal grants prior permission related to IEP mandates or an early release is granted to a senior [work release-2nd semester] by the School Board.

Adding/Dropping Courses

Students who wish to add or drop a class must do so within three days after the start of the semester.  The student will confer with the Counselor and/or Principal as to the reasons for making the request.  If the Counselor feels the request has merit he/she will confer with the Principal. The teachers of the subjects involved will be notified, and the student will bring a signed note from their parents stating knowledge of the courses changed.  The Principal will make the final decision as to whether the request will be honored. All student schedule changes will be processed through the guidance and principal offices. [And finalized by student with the guidance office]

Students wanting to drop a class after the three-day enrollment period will receive an “F” for that grading period. The student must be able to maintain the class load requirement as stated in the SHS handbook.  A student may not re-enroll at the semester in a class that was dropped within the same school year, which was a result of poor behavior, or at student request.


In order that academic achievement may be recorded and made available for reference, when needed the following system is used:

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