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Classes such as [but not limited to]- PE, Fitness, Band, Art, Vocal Music, and Vocational Courses are geared towards constructive participation. Lack of / Refusal to participate [during academic instruction, designated activities or co-curricular opportunities] may result in failing the class and/or being dropped from the class.

Participation in extracurricular activities {after school and at designated weekend sites} is an expectation to such programs. [*See specific program activity manuals] Participation in identified co-curricular learning opportunities will be reflected as a portion of the quarter/semester grade as prescribed by the course of study [curriculum] and their instructor. Students declared ineligible [academic/conduct] will not participate in extracurricular activities and will be restricted in active participation concerning co-curricular opportunities-as prescribed by their instructor/administration/district institutional program continuity expectations.

A student absent [excused] from a co-curricular graded event will have the opportunity to secure the participation points based on the following a total point system. The participation points voided [due to excused absence] may only be replaced by a true academic project assignment. The academic project will be assigned and completed on or before the deadline date assigned by instructor. Mastery level project completion would equal the participation portion missed because of the excused absence. Failure of project completion will result in a zero [reflecting the participation portion] of said grade. [*See written guidelines of each activity manual.]

Post-Secondary Enrollment Options

Students in grades 9 through 12 may receive class or vocational-technical credits that count toward graduation requirements for successfully completed courses at community colleges, private colleges or state universities [*See Guidance Department].

The school district will pay for tuition, textbooks, materials, or fees directly related to the course in which the student is enrolled [*See course prerequisites-SHS Curricular Opportunities]. The student may be required to purchase equipment that becomes the property of the student. The school district pays only for courses which are not offered by the high school and which are offered during the regular school year by the community college, private college or state university.  The school district does not pay for the costs of summer school classes.  However, summer school classes are eligible for credit.

Students who fail the course or fail to receive credit in the course paid for by the school district must reimburse the school district for all costs directly related to the course.  Prior to enrolling in a course, students age 18 or over or the parents of students under age 18 shall sign a form indicating they are responsible for the costs of the course should the student fail the course or fail to receive credit for the course.  The school district may waive the cost of the course for students who fail the course for reasons beyond their control, including, but not limited to, the student's incapacity, death in the family or a move to another school district.

Students interested in participating in this program should contact the guidance counselor.

Students taking classes for college credit are expected to meet the entrance requirements of the institution. This would include all pre-testing, paperwork, timelines, required forms needed to add or drop, and financial obligations [if failed]. Student attendance and project competition requirements are strictly enforced.

-------------*Students are to be on time for scheduled ICN class—See ex. absence/tardy/detention rules.

Post-Secondary Enrollment -----Grading

Seymour Community School high school students registered as dual enrollment students seeking college credit for a class and who are subjected to an advanced placement grading scale will have their GPA adjusted for that class according to the following scale.

GradeGPAWeighted GPA


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