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**Remember some classes offered at SHS are required by the Iowa Department of Education/School District and must be completed prior to graduation. Check with Mr. Lange if you have questions when making your schedule.


Teachers assign homework, extra class activities or assignments as necessary.  Homework is an opportunity for students to practice skills and activities, to share and discuss ideas, to review materials, to become acquainted with resources, to organize thoughts, to prepare for classroom activities or to make up incomplete class work.  Students are expected to complete homework on time.  Failure to complete homework may result in loss of class credit and a failing grade in the class.

[See grading & the individual class rules of your teacher/reflect district standards]

Semester Tests

Semester tests will be given in each course, each semester, and will be comprehensive tests that cover all the material studied during the semester.  Seniors will not take second semester tests.  Weight applied to the semester exam score in calculating the final grade should be no more than 20%.

[Failure to take semester tests will affect eligibility]    ** See Semester Test Procedure.  

Honor Roll and Academic Honors

The school district honors students who excel academically.  Honor rolls will be published at the end of each quarter.  There will be a High Honor Roll and an Honor Roll, and students who attain a perfect 4.00 will also be recognized.  The requirements for the High Honor Roll are to achieve a 3.67 GPA or higher, and for the Honor Roll a student must achieve a 3.00-3.66 GPA.

Seniors who maintain high honor roll standing both semesters of their senior year will be recognized at graduation [Warrior Academic Award]. Valedictorian and salutatorian will be recognized at graduation. They will be the number #1 and #2 students of their class-GPA: [ties broken by the greater # of honors classes] and will be chosen from a pool of senior honor students who have a minimum of 8 completed semesters credit from the below courses [Honor students must have a cum. GPA of 3.0 or above]

PhysicsChemistrySpanish IVAccountingMath-AP/ICNComputers

Algebra IIStatisticsEconomicsPsychologyEng. 4Composition-AP/ICN

Academic Standing-

The Seymour Community School District does not accept grades from competent private instruction for graduation, honor student classification, class rank classification or from any non-accredited public school, college or university.

Recognized class standing will be based on successfully completed credits. [See early graduation/graduation]

Freshman--------- 0-5

Sophomores------6-11---- [Ideally with a --Min. of one Science and one English credit]

Juniors-----------12-18---- [Ideally with a -- Min. of 2 Eng, 1 Sci, 1 Math, and one History credit]


*Seniors may have an accumulated credit deficient of only 1 credit [17.75- entering fall] to maintain their senior class status. Students/parents are urged to work with the Guidance Dept. to help ensure an on schedule graduation. Successful completion of a heavier class load may be required.

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