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*Class standing will dictate: class meeting assignment, fundraising assignments, and eligibility for junior/senior prom, and eligibility for senior trip. Credit completion for seniors will be assessed [again] at the end of 1st Semester of their senior year.

*Students may not leap forward in class standing their Fresh. and Soph. years. Juniors leaping forward in class rank must be registered for early graduation. [See- Credit/Class Load Requirements]

*Seniors are encouraged to take the ACT or standardized testing that provides a correlated ACT score. An ACT score is required as part of the application criteria making it possible to receive certain awards, grants and scholarships.

2006/07 8th graders will be required to schedule classes for their high school career reflecting the CORE CLASS requirements established by the Iowa legislature in 2005.


Teachers will inform students of their weekly academic progress  [current grade]. Parents will also be notified of poor student performance at- first contact dates/at mid-terms/and at the end of grading periods. Notification of substandard performance should be a call for increased parent involvement.

** Teachers are available from 3:35-4:00 [ Monday-Thursday] to help students who are struggling in an academic class. Teachers/parents are encouraged to communicate when a child is struggling to set up a mediation plan to promote success.

** Parents wanting their child to receive assistance---should call 898-2291.

[*See- student assistance team/family connections program].

 *Parents who have E-mail- are encouraged to exchange their E-mail address with specific teachers to more closely monitor student progress and better ensure academic success.

Standardized Tests

Students are given standardized tests annually.  These tests are used to determine academic progress for individual students, for groups of students and for the school district.  Students are tested unless the Principal excuses them. [See-Testing / Semester Tests / Eligibility/ Student testing Dept. of Ed.]

Students who qualify [based on test scores] for a free day or half free day must be academically eligible [not failing any classes] at the reward time to participate in any free day rewards. Reward procedures may be modified to adhere to CSIP goals.

Human Growth and Development

The school district provides students with instruction in human growth and development.  Parents may review the human growth and development curriculum prior to its use and have their child excused from human growth and development instruction.  Parents should contact the Principal if they wish to review the curriculum or to excuse their child from human growth and development instruction.

Dual Enrollment Students

Home school or home school assistance program students enrolled in classes or participating in school activities in the school district are subject to the same policies, rules and regulations as other students and are disciplined in the same manner as other students.  Dual enrollment students interested in participating in school activities or enrolling in classes should contact the Superintendent of Schools [register each semester]. SHS does not accept/recognize classes taken under competent private instruction or any non-accredited institution.

Alternative Educational Program Placement- [ *See SHS  Administration]   [Ed. Center-Elem. & IHCC Credit Recovery Program-- HS]

Due to a number of personal, family or social situations a student might not be able to be successful in the regular education programs provided by the Seymour Community School. The Seymour district has contracted with other institutions to provide a more intensive self-contained educational program.

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