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Slanderous; or

Encourages students to:

--Commit unlawful acts;

--Violate school district policies, rules or regulations;

--Cause the material and substantial disruption of the orderly and efficient operation of the school or school activity;

--Disrupt or interfere with the education program;

--Interrupt the maintenance of a disciplined atmosphere; or

--Infringe on the rights of others.

*Students who believe they have been unreasonably restricted in their exercise of expression in an official student publication should follow the outlined complaint procedure.


Being a citizen of the United States, of Iowa, and of the school district community entitles students to special privileges and protections. It also requires the student to assume civic, economic, and social responsibilities and to participate in their country, state and school district community in a manner that entitles them to keep these rights and privileges.

As part of the education program, students have an opportunity to learn about their rights, privileges, and responsibilities as citizens of this country, state, and school district community.  As part of this learning opportunity, students are instructed in the elements of good citizenship and the role quality citizens play in their country, state, and school district community.

Security of Personal Items-

Students should not bring personal items to school. Personal items of value should be locked up. Items should not be left out during P.E. Valuables should be locked in P.E. lockers, given to sponsors, or [rare occasion] locked in the school safe. Do not tell others your lock combination. Mark items so they may be identified at a later date or time. No personal locks may be placed on school property without a registered copy being surrendered to the district office.  


The school library is available to students during school hours.  The library is a place for study and research.  It is not a place to socialize.  Students are expected to conduct themselves as if they were in class while in the library.

The following rules were formulated in order to make the best possible use of library materials.

1.Students may secure a pass from study hall or a classroom to check out a book or to do research.  Remember to get your pass signed before leaving the library.

2.Students should maintain a quiet atmosphere for reading and studying purposes.  Please refrain from talking!

3.Students may check out 2 books for a period of 2 weeks and they may be renewed.  Please return books as soon as possible to avoid losing them and so others may borrow them.  Students who lose or damage library materials will be charged accordingly.

4.Current magazines are ordinarily not checked out.  Back issues from the files may be requested from the librarian for research.  These may be borrowed for one week.

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