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5.References are NOT to be taken from the library except those marked "overnight check-out".  These books must be checked out during seventh or eighth period and returned to the library BEFORE school the following morning.  Most of the classrooms have a set of encyclopedias that may be checked out with the permission of the teacher.

6.Browsing is allowed within reason, but please limit this to 5 min. and then ask for assistance.  If you need help in finding library materials, Mrs. Brand or the library assistant will be happy to help you.

Please read the rules carefully and follow them at all times. If you don't understand the rules, feel free to discuss them with the librarian.

Telephone Use-- During the School Day

Generally, students receiving telephone calls during school hours are not called to the telephone.  The office will take a message and forward it to the student.  Only in emergency situations are students removed from class or another school activity to receive a telephone call. If it is an emergency, and the student has permission, they may use the phone in the High School office.

* Cell phones shall not be on---used to talk, text, take pictures or be in visible possession of students or staff   from 8:00-3:30 daily. ****Discipline measures will be applied. Not be taken to PE class.

Flowers and Gifts-

Items delivered to the school for a student will be placed in the office. The student may pick up their item after the 3:30 bell.

Lost And Found

All lost and found items will be kept in the Principal's office [items found are to be brought to the office].  If the student can identify these items they may be picked up in the office.  All items not claimed by the end of the school year will be disposed of by the school district.

Study Hall

While in study hall, students are expected to conduct themselves as they would in class.  Students must bring enough work to occupy them for the entire study hall.  Once in study hall, students are only allowed to leave with the permission of the study hall monitor and with a hall pass.  Students are reminded to follow the simple rule of study halls--be quiet and don't disturb other students.

Study Hall Rules-

1.   Students are only to leave study hall with a pass or the direct permission of the study hall supervisor. Passes are to be obtained prior to study hall period.


Conduct, manner, and speech are to be as if in an academic class. Seating chart will be required.


Students are to whisper-only with daily permission of the SH supervisor- [do not disturb others].

4.   Bring enough work to occupy yourself for the entire study hall.

5.   Students may work in small groups on assignments, with permission of the SH supervisor. Students are not to distract others.

6.   Food/drink brought in at the start of the day or after lunch period will be consumed and disposed of at once.

7.   Students listed on the midterm or grade reports as ineligible [more than one F] will be denied the ability to check out/ I-net/ library/ computer access. [The ineligible student- may only leave with an instructor to work on/finish a lab or academic assignment—instructor is to return said student].

8.   Students who can not whisper will be warned once. If warned a second time they must copy  [by hand] these rules. * This step may be skipped for- insubordination/multiple warnings--going directly to an assigned detention.

a.  Students who continue to be a distraction or refuses to follow the instructions of the supervisor will be assigned a detention---reported/sent to the office.

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