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b.  From this point forward discipline will follow the rules found in the SHS student handbook.

School Announcements

Students are responsible for knowing the content of daily announcements.  Teachers will read announcements to their 2nd hour class daily. Students who wish to have an item included in the daily announcements must have permission from the Principal.  Any announcements that are to be put into the bulletin for the day should be turned into the Principal's office first thing in the morning.  The bulletin is generally E-mailed between 9:18-10:00 a.m. and are to be read aloud to 2nd period classes.  There will also be a copy posted on the bulletin board outside the Principal's office.


--All visitors to the school grounds must check in at the Principal's office.  Parents are welcomed and encouraged to visit the school at any time.  If parents would like to visit the school they should call to make an appointment.  If a parent-teacher conference is desired a definite appointment should be made in advance.  Parents will find it easy to make an appointment by calling the Principal or Counselor.  Students are not allowed to bring visitors during the school day unless it is cleared [ahead of time] with the Principal. [An adjacent district not having school does not warrant legitimate reason for granting visitation privilege]


--Movies or films that are not secured through the AEA will be cleared through the administration prior to viewing.

Purchasing Items/Supplies

--Payment is expected at the time of purchase/possession for personal items or personal consumable supplies.

Open Gym/Weight Room During Non-School Hours

During the winter the school will open up the gym to the public in the evenings.  The coaches will sponsor this open gym and they will set the schedule of the days and times the gym will be open.  Also, throughout the year the weight room will be opened to the public.  There will be a representative of the school in the weight room to monitor.  You can call the school to check on the schedule of when these facilities will be available.  Students and/or community members that use school facilities are expected to follow all school policies, regulations and rules while they are using school facilities.  Failure to do so might result in that individual(s) losing the privilege to use school facilities.

Instructional/Transportation Supervision- by video monitor

School buses and classrooms may be video taped to monitor compliance to  

the instructional and behavioral expectations of the district.  

Student Funds and Fund Raising

Students may raise funds for school activities upon approval of the Principal at least three weeks prior to the fund raising event or the start of a fund raising campaign.  Funds raised remain in the control of the school district and the board.  School-sponsored student organizations must have the approval of the Principal prior to spending the money raised.  Classes who wish to donate a gift to the school district should discuss potential gifts with the Principal prior to selecting a gift.

** Students are responsible for the care of fundraising items, records, and money secured in their charge. If a student is concerned about the security of any of the above items-they need to secure it with their sponsor or with the school secretary for placement in the school safe.

-Students are to coordinate fundraising efforts through first hand communication with their activity/class sponsors.

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