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-Outstanding debt will affect eligibility to participate in class activities until payment is rendered in full. [See--- Jr./Sr. Prom, Sr. Trip, Prohibited Behaviors].

-Class members are to be informed of their outstanding debts the beginning of each semester. Fundraising worker lists should be reviewed in class meetings and posted in sponsors’ rooms. Class members are responsible to sign up to share the workload of class projects [find their own replacement] or pay the designated fine established in class meeting proceedings.

Junior/Senior Prom- [*See Class Standing]

Junior/Senior prom participation will be reserved for 11th and 12th grade students and their invited senior high age [and above] registered dates. Participants will include selected prom servers who qualify in appropriate class standing.

Class standing will be based on yearly-obtained credits.       See Class Standing Credit Requirements.

All guests are to be registered the week prior to prom on a date established by the administration. All outstanding debts owed by [Sr./Jr./Servers/Dates] to the school district/ particular classes/ organizations/ and fundraising projects must be paid in full by the established day that the guest list is collected by the administration—or participation will be denied.

The class/parents will work in conjunction with sponsors, parents, and administration to establish a workable budget and schedule. Sponsors will establish rules to address-

-Work schedule, needed materials, time lines, and assigned student duties.

-Limitation/exclusion of non-juniors on campus [site traffic] during decoration time before, during, and after school.

-Class sponsors will request a class membership role [based on earned credits] from the administration as well as a list of outstanding student debts from the office staff.

1.  The deadline for admittance to prom will be one hour and 15 minutes from the exact conclusion of the banquet.

2.   No change in the guest list will be permitted when the list is collected.

3.   No one will be permitted to leave the prom and return [no “check outs”]


Students suspected of drinking/under the influence will be turned over to law enforcement.


The Prom will end at midnight. Students will then leave school grounds. The school will assume no further responsibility for any other activities.


All students and guests will enter through the trophy room door.


Students will not be excused from school for hair or other appointments concerning prom until the afternoon of prom.


Waiters and waitresses are not permitted to leave school early the day of Prom.—without parent permission.


Waiters and waitresses may attend prom [and are to work as assigned during this time period].


Decorating for prom may start the week of prom. Items must be assembled on the stage prior to Wed. P.M. The gym floor must be accessible for educational use prior to Wed. P.M.


Juniors and Seniors must have a note from parents to leave school at 11:38 on Friday.


Anyone who behaves contrary to behavior expectations established by the district or district sponsors will be asked to leave.


All students and guests must wear semi-formal attire [includes a coat & tie for men].


Promenade [prom walk] will start at 6:30.    

15.   All Juniors are required to participate in prom cleanup. A $25.00 fine will be assessed for non-participation.

Senior Trip- [debts & exercises]    

Eligibility is restricted to 12th graders who have successfully been identified as graduating Seymour Community High School. Seniors will work in conjunction with sponsors and the administration to establish a workable budget, itinerary, verified sponsor list, and destination. These items will be presented to the class sponsors and administration prior to presentation for approval at [prior to] the March or April Board meeting.   

To be eligible-- all outstanding debts owed to the school district, class, and fundraising efforts will be paid [in full] on or before Senior Awards Day—[be checked out]. Students under current suspension must have all penalties served prior to Senior Awards Day.

* All decoration for promotion & graduation exercises must be organized & approved through class sponsors and the administration.


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