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In its approval of Coastal Development Permit 5-98-156, the Commission found that the approved project conformed to the LCP parking standard when it approved the portion of the development located in LCP Subarea 5, including the large-format movie theater being replaced by the hotel pursuant to this permit amendment. The parking supply for LCP Subarea 5 includes the 2,195-stall Pike parking structure and approximately 333 metered on- street parking spaces installed along Pine Avenue and the new street grid approved within the subarea. Therefore, LCP Subarea 5 contains approximately 2,528 parking spaces, all of which are available to the general public on a first-come, first-served basis. During the week, most of these parking spaces sit vacant and unused. Only during special events, when demand for parking peaks, do all these parking spaces In LCP Subarea 5 become occupied.

The applicants’ parking calculations for the Pike development were provided by KAKU Associates, Inc. using the methods and data contained in the Queensway Bay Traffic and Parking Management Program, by KAKU Associates, Inc., April 1998. The applicants calculated the peak weekday demand for the development proposed in LCP Subarea 5 instead of the average weekday demand. The peak weekday demand for the development approved in LCP Subarea 5 during the peak month was calculated to be 1,313 parking spaces, well below the proposed parking supply of 2,528 parking spaces on the Tidelands Parcel (LCP Subarea 5). The applicants’ parking calculations include previously approved development in LCP Subarea 5 that still has not yet been constructed. Therefore, there is a sufficient supply of parking in LCP Subarea 5 to meet the average and peak weekday demands for the Pike development, including the proposed hotel.

The estimated parking demand for the proposed hotel, as calculated under the City’s zoning code, is 169 spaces (140 spaces for the guest rooms, 27 spaces for the 1,352 square foot meeting area, plus two loading/unloading spaces). The estimated parking demand for the previously proposed theater (with 480-seats) that is being replaced by the proposed hotel is 149 (1 space per 3.3 seats plus two loading/unloading spaces). Therefore, the parking demand of the previously approved theater and the currently proposed hotel are similar.

Therefore, since the Subarea 5 parking supply greatly exceeds the amount of parking required by the certified LCP, and sufficient parking is currently available within the 2,195-stall Pike parking structure, the proposed hotel is permitted to utilize the Pike parking structure to meet its parking needs in compliance with the existing conditions of Coastal Development Permit 5- 98-156 (Appendix B). Furthermore, guests of the proposed hotel may use the public transportation system in Downtown Long Beach (Blue Line light rail and MTA buses) as a substitute to private automobile, thus reducing the overall parking demand of the project. Therefore, the Commission finds that existing parking facilities will provide the necessary amount of parking to meet the average weekday demand of both the existing and currently proposed visitor-serving commercial uses in LCP Subarea 5.

Special Condition Thirteen of amended Coastal Development Permit 5-98-156 states that all parking within LCP Subareas 5 and 6 shall be reserved for the use of the general public and shall be available for use on a first-come, first-served basis, and that there shall be no exclusive use of parking spaces or reserved parking spaces within the parking structure by any person or group other than the general public (handicapped spaces excluded). Only as conditioned is the proposed project and amendment consistent with the public access and recreation policies of the Coastal Act.

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