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Boulevard through Subarea 4 toward the water. Structures shall be designed so as to minimize view blockage to the water from buildings in Subareas 4 and 5. Building facades and rooftops which are visible from view corridors, buildings in Subarea 4, the Convention Center and Promenade South shall be attractively treated to enhance these views. Along Pine Avenue, active pedestrian-oriented uses shall be required on the ground floor with storefront access from Pine Avenue.”


Three stories not to exceed 40 feet, except for the following permitted

heights: 82,500

a) 60 feet for one multi-screen theater square feet may be located between

with the

a building

footprint not to




of Pine

Avenue and Pacific Avenue; b) 60 feet extended right-of-way of Cedar Avenue;

for c)

one parking structure located west 80 feet for one large-format cinema

of the with a

building footprint not to exceed 15,000 square feet may be extended rights-of-way of Cedar Avenue and Pacific Avenue; d) hotel located between the extended rights-of-way of Cedar

located between the twelve stories for one Avenue and Pacific

Avenue; e) 100 feet square feet above the

for one vertical monument with 40 foot elevation; and f) 100 feet

a footprint not to exceed for one amusement ride.”


“Throughout Subarea 5, architectural features may be permitted to extend above these height limits if they do not contain any usable interior space and do not significantly add to the mass of a structure or negatively affect public views.”

Site Coverage: Not more than 65 percent.”

Special Design Features. The entire area shall be designed in an urban waterfront atmosphere. Landscaping shall be lush and colorful. The area shall be open and inviting to the public, and shall facilitate and encourage pedestrian flow between the

Downtown and the Shoreline.

The facades of all buildings fronting on streets,

especially Pine Avenue, shall be articulated with storefronts, display windows, special architectural and landscape treatment. If buildings back onto Shoreline Drive, they shall present an attractive facade through articulation and special architectural and landscape features.”


California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

Section 13096 Title 14 of the California Code of Regulations requires Commission approval of a coastal development permit application to be supported by a finding showing the application, as conditioned by any conditions of approval, to be consistent with any applicable requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Section 21080.5(d)(2)(A) of CEQA prohibits a proposed development from being approved if there are feasible alternatives or feasible mitigation measures available which would substantially lessen any significant adverse effect which the activity may have on the environment.

The proposed project, as conditioned, has been found consistent with the Chapter 3 policies of the Coastal Act. As conditioned, there are no feasible alternatives or feasible mitigation measures available which would substantially lessen any significant adverse effect which the activity may have on the environment. Therefore, the Commission finds that the proposed project, as conditioned to mitigate the identified impacts, is the least environmentally damaging feasible alternative and can be found consistent with the requirements of the Coastal Act to conform to CEQA.

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