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Future Uses and Improvements

This approval is limited to the uses and development specifically described in the project description, approved plans and related findings contained in Coastal Development Permit 5-98- 156. Any additional development, including, but not limited to: new construction; intensification of use; expansion of dining areas outside of the approved building and patio footprints; and the lease of dock, esplanade or park areas, will require an amendment to the permit or a new coastal development permit.


Public Viewing Deck

The proposed 17,749 square foot public viewing deck on the second level of the building (Building F) proposed to be built between the City-owned parking structure and Aquarium Way shall be constructed and opened to the public concurrent with the development that occurs within the 150- foot wide view corridor/open space area at the intersection of Shoreline Drive and Aquarium Way (See Exhibit #9 of staff report dated 1/14/99). The public viewing deck shall be available for public use, including picnics, as public parks are. Park benches and tables for picnics shall be provided for general public use on the viewing deck. Take-out and walk-up food services are encouraged behind the viewing deck, but restaurant table service is prohibited. Commercial uses and kiosks are prohibited within the proposed 17,749 square foot public viewing deck. Signs, at least two square feet in area, shall be posted in at least three conspicuous ground level locations near the Building F stairways and elevators that inform and direct the public to the public viewing deck.


Public Open Space and Water Feature

The proposed landscaped public open space area with a water feature located at the northwest corner of Pine Avenue and Shoreline Drive shall be constructed and opened to the public concurrent with the permitted development that occurs in LCP Subarea 5 (See Exhibit #13 of staff report dated 1/14/99). The landscaped and water area shall occupy at least 23,000 square feet, not counting the paved area of the Regional Bicycle Route, and shall be available for public use as public parks are. Pedestrian access to the public open space area shall be provided from the sidewalks on Shoreline Drive and Pine Avenue. Public park benches shall be provided, and restaurant table service shall not be permitted in this area.


Public Access

The City and its agents shall provide and maintain unobstructed public access to and along the waterfront at all times. Unrestricted means that the general public may pass and repass without having to pay an admission fee, present a ticket, accept conditions of passage, or request permission to pass. The waterfront, where unrestricted public access shall be protected, includes (but is not limited to): Shoreline Park, Rainbow Harbor Esplanade, the Terraces at the end of Pine Avenue, the entrance to Pine Avenue Pier, and Shoreline Wharf. Unrestricted pedestrian public access shall also be provided on the Promenade South which connects Ocean Boulevard to the Shoreline Wharf area. Public access along the waterfront shall remain open and unobstructed both during construction and subsequent to completion of the permitted development. In extreme circumstances, public access may be interrupted subject to those temporary safety limitations necessitated by unsafe conditions resulting from waves, extreme weather or required construction and maintenance activities.

Public seating and tables for designated public picnic areas (restaurant table service is prohibited) may be provided on the upper portion of the Rainbow Harbor Esplanade as shown on Exhibit #9 of the staff report dated February 24, 2000. All tables placed in the areas designated on Exhibit #9 of the staff report dated February 24, 2000 shall be clearly designated for use by the general public and shall be engraved or posted with signs stating: “No Purchase Required”. Areas where restaurant table service is prohibited includes (but is not limited to): Shoreline Park, Rainbow

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