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Harbor Esplanade (upper and lower portions), the Terraces at the end of Pine Avenue, the entrance to Pine Avenue Pier, and Shoreline Wharf.

Pedestrian Bridge over Shoreline Drive

The proposed pedestrian bridge over Shoreline Drive connecting Subareas 5 and 6 shall be constructed and opened to the general public concurrent with the development that occurs within LCP Subarea 5. The bridge shall be at least 25 feet wide and be at the same elevation as the proposed 17,749 square foot public viewing deck to be provided between Aquarium Way and the City-owned parking structure in LCP Subarea 6 (See Exhibit #10 of staff report dated 1/14/99). The bridge shall be designed to provide open views to Rainbow Harbor and the Queen Mary which open up as one crosses the bridge from the north to the south. All railings, signs and decorations on the bridge shall be limited to a maximum height of four feet measured from the pedestrian deck, except that a 100-foot high gateway sculptural element may be placed on the bridge, providing that its surface is not more than 15 percent solid or opaque. Seven large food icons not to exceed 70 feet are permitted within the gateway sculptural element provided that they do not extend south of the north curb of Shoreline Drive. Commercial uses, including restaurant table service, are not permitted on the bridge. All heights shall be measured from the average elevation at the front top of the curbline, or from the officially mapped flood hazard level of 13.8 feet above mean lower low water (MLLW), whichever is higher.

Streets and Sidewalks

The City and its agents shall provide and maintain unobstructed public pedestrian access to and along all streets, sidewalks, plazas and public open space areas constructed pursuant to the Commission’s approval of Coastal Development Permit 5-98-156 for the life of the development approved herein. Unrestricted means that the general public may pass and repass without having to pay an admission fee, present a ticket, accept conditions of passage, or request permission to pass. Public access may only be interrupted for special events with a duration of 48 hours or less, or by special events permitted by a subsequent coastal development permit. Public access may also be interrupted subject to those temporary safety limitations necessitated by unsafe conditions resulting from waves, extreme weather or required maintenance activities.

Regional Bicycle Route

The proposed project shall not interfere with the public's use of the regional bicycle path as it passes through the Downtown Shoreline area. In order to maintain the existing bicycle and pedestrian connection between the Los Angeles River bicycle path and the beach bicycle path east of the Downtown Marina, the City and its agents shall maintain unobstructed public pedestrian and bicycle access to and along the regional bicycle route where it passes through the

project site.

The regional

bicycle path


and subsequent

to completion

shall of the

remain open and unobstructed both permitted development. If construction

during of the














submit a temporary detour temporary detour plan shall

plan, for maintain

the review and approval of the Executive Director. a safe bicycle and pedestrian connection between the

The Los

Angeles River bicycle path and the beach bicycle path east of the Downtown Marina. shall provide adequate signage to identify any temporary detour route approved by the

The City Executive

Director. A temporary detour route approved by the Executive Director shall be constructed opened for public use prior to the closing of any portion of the existing regional bicycle route.


New Parking

In order to permit the phased construction and opening of the development approved in LCP Subarea 6 (between Rainbow Harbor and Shoreline Drive) prior to the construction of the parking facilities located in LCP Subarea 5 (inland of Shoreline Drive), the applicants shall construct and open for public use the following parking facilities in LCP Subarea 6 as follows:

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