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  • B.


    • (i)

      Each restaurant shall have a wash down area for restaurant equipment and accessories which shall be designed as follows: a) Designate equipment-cleaning areas indoors, and install berms to direct all runoff to the sewer system; or, if equipment cleaning areas are to be located outdoors, all wash-down areas shall be routed to the sanitary sewer system and shall not contribute to polluted runoff or nuisance flows; b) Prohibit the cleaning of equipment in any area where water may flow to a street, gutter, creek, or storm drains; and,

      • c)

        Minimize to the maximum extent practicable the amount of wash water used.

    • (ii)

      The above restriction on restaurants shall be incorporated into a lease agreement with the concessionaire or operator of such facilities so that such requirements are binding upon them.

  • C.

    Education and Training

  • (i)

    Provide annual training of employees on chemical management and proper methods of handling and disposal of waste. Make sure all employees understand the on-site BMPs and their maintenance requirements.

  • (ii)

    Provide informational signs around the establishment for customers and employees about water quality and the BMPs used on-site.

    • (iii)

      Label/stencil outdoor drains to indicate whether they flow to an on-site treatment device, a storm drain, or the sanitary sewer as appropriate.

  • D.

    Landscaping. Minimize to the maximum extent practicable the use of pesticides and fertilizers.

  • E.

    Monitoring and Maintenance

    • (i)

      All BMPs shall be operated, monitored, and maintained for the life of the project and at a minimum, all structural BMPs shall be inspected, cleaned-out, and where necessary, repaired, at the following minimum frequencies: 1) prior to October 15th each year; 2) during each month between October 15th and April 15th of each year and, 3) at least twice during the dry season (between April 16 and October 14 of every year).

  • (ii)

    Debris and other water pollutants removed from structural BMP(s) during clean-out shall be contained and disposed of in a proper manner.

  • (iii)

    It is the applicants’ responsibility to maintain the drainage system and the associated structures and BMPs according to manufacturer’s specification and to ensure maximum pollutant removal efficiencies.

The permittees shall undertake and maintain the approved development in accordance with the Water Quality Management Plan approved by the Executive Director pursuant to this condition. Any proposed changes to the approved Water Quality Management Plan shall be reported to the Executive Director in order to determine if the proposed change shall require a permit amendment pursuant to the requirements of the Coastal Act and the California Code of Regulations. No changes to the approved plan shall occur without a Commission amendment to this coastal development permit unless the Executive Director determines that no amendment is required.

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