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    Flag poles (77 feet maximum);

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    Up to seven three-dimensional food icons (70 feet maximum) within the confines of the faux roller coaster, provided that such icons do not advertise a particular store, product or service, and provided that they do not extend south of the north curb of Shoreline Drive; and,

All heights shall be measured from the average elevation at the front top of the curbline, or from the officially mapped flood hazard level of 13.8 feet above mean lower low water (MLLW), whichever is higher.


Permitted Use: Overnight Room Rentals (New Condition of 5-98-156-A15)

The permitted use of the structure approved by Coastal Development Permit Amendment 5-98-156-A15 is a 140-room hotel (as defined in the certified City of Long Beach Local Coastal Program - Zoning Code Section 21.15.1380). The approved structure shall be operated as a bona fide hotel that provides overnight accommodations to visitors for a period of not more than thirty consecutive days. Any change in the number of units or change in use (including, but not limited to, a change from overnight room rentals to time shares or month-to-month rentals) is not permitted by this action and shall be submitted to the Executive Director to determine whether an amendment to this permit is necessary pursuant to the requirements of the Coastal Act and the California Code of Regulations.


Findings and Declarations

The Commission hereby finds and declares:


Amendment Description

On February 3, 1999, the Commission approved Coastal Development Permit 5-98-156 for the construction of a 508,550 square foot commercial retail and entertainment complex in the Downtown Shoreline area of Long Beach.1 The approved “Queensway Bay” commercial project, now known as the “The Pike at Rainbow Harbor” (the Pike), included a multi-screen movie theater, a large-format (IMAX-style) theater, a new 2,195-stall parking structure, a Ferris wheel and carousel, and numerous restaurants, retail establishments and public amenities (Exhibit #3). The Pike, which is situated on approximately twenty acres of State Tidelands, is substantially completed and has been open to the public since November 2003.

This permit amendment request (A15) involves the deletion of the large-format theater from the approved Pike development and the construction of a seven-story, ninety-foot high, 140-room hotel on the vacant parcel where the eighty-foot high large-format theater was approved. Also, Special Condition Eighteen (LCP Subarea 5 Height Limits) would be amended in order to authorize the ninety-foot height of the tallest part of the proposed seven-story hotel. The hotel project site is vacant, as the previously approved large-format theater was not built.


See Appendix A of this staff report for a list of the previously approved permit amendments.

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