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In addition, many existing and proposed structures on the south side of Ocean Boulevard far exceed the ninety-foot high structure proposed by this application. For example, in 1992, the Commission approved LCP Amendment No. 1-92 and Coastal Development Permit 5-91-845 for a 425-foot high mixed-use structure on the northeast corner of Pine Avenue and Seaside Way. In 1989, the Commission certified LCP Amendment No. 1-89 allowing buildings up to six hundred feet tall on the Pike property in LCP Subarea 4, across Seaside Way from the currently proposed project. Many existing buildings along Ocean Boulevard extend two hundred feet or higher into the sky. Therefore, the ninety-foot high hotel proposed by this application is not out of character with the height of adjacent development, and will not be precedent setting in the City's coastal zone.

Although the proposed structure will obstruct some of the views from the private residences in the buildings situated inland of the project, the proposed hotel will not block any public views of the water. The amendment request and the proposed development would not: a) obstruct views to or along the coast from publicly accessible places; b) adversely impact public access to and use of the water; c) adversely impact public recreational use of a public park or beach; or d) otherwise adversely affect recreation, access or the visual resources of the coast. Special Condition Eighteen is revised by this permit amendment in order to reflect the Commission’s approval of the proposed ninety-foot hotel (instead of the eighty-foot high large- format movie theater). Therefore, as conditioned, the permit amendment request is consistent with the certified Long Beach LCP and Sections 30251 and 30253(5) of the Coastal Act.


Public Access/Parking

The Commission has consistently found that a direct relationship exists between the provision of adequate parking and availability of public access to the coast. In order to conform to the requirements of the Coastal Act, the proposed project is required to provide adequate parking facilities or provide substitute means of serving the development with public transportation.

Section 30252 of the Coastal Act states:

The location and amount of new development should maintain and enhance public access to the coast by (1) facilitating the provision or extension of transit service, (2) providing commercial facilities within or adjoining residential development or in other areas that will minimize the use of coastal access roads, (3) providing nonautomobile circulation within the development, (4) providing adequate parking facilities or providing substitute means of serving the development with public transportation, (5) assuring the potential for public transit for high intensity uses such as high-rise office buildings, and by (6) assuring that the recreational needs of new residents will not overload nearby coastal recreation areas by correlating the amount of development with local park acquisition and development plans with the provision of onsite recreational facilities to serve the new development.

The proposed hotel is part of the visitor-serving Pike development project approved by amended Coastal Development Permit 5-98-156. Parking for the previously approved Pike development (and the proposed hotel) is provided within the 2,195-stall Pike parking structure located next to the proposed hotel (Exhibit #3).

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