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Going Home:

A Parent’s Checklist


he day you have been waiting for will arrive before you know it. Your baby has had a wonderful team of professionals caring for him/her in the NICU, and soon you will be taking your baby home and solely responsible for his/her care. This can be an overwhelming thought, so what can you do to prepare for your baby’s homecoming?

Finalize Medical Concerns While in NICU

  • Choose a health care provider for your baby’s care following discharge. Before discharge, ask hospital staff for referrals if needed, and when interviewing providers, ask specific questions about their experience and any special care given for a preemie. Ask if your chosen provider can visit your baby while in the NICU.

Choosing a Provider Notes:

  • If you plan to have your baby boy circumcised, find out if the procedure should be done prior to discharge, and if so when ______________ and by whom ________________.

  • Ask about whether your baby has received any necessary immunizations before leaving the hospital (___ yes ___no) and keep his or her immunization record with your NICU notebook or medical papers folder for safekeeping. Bring this with you upcoming follow-up appointments.

Immunization Notes:

  • Find out what follow-up appointments will be necessary and just before your baby is discharged, schedule those and your baby’s first visit with the pediatrician. Specifically, ask if there is a developmental follow-up clinic affiliated with your hospital, and if you can schedule the appointment prior to discharge. If the hospital does not have a follow-up clinic, ask who you should call within your community and have that appointment set up prior to leaving the hospital. (Note: Babies born at 34 weeks gestation or earlier should be given an eye exam, so find out if you need to schedule a follow-up for that too.

Follow-up Appointment Notes:

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