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  • Learn proper hand washing techniques. Hand washing is the best way to prevent the spread of illnesses. Keep soap, towels or hand cleansing gel in every room in which the baby will be. Also, make sure everyone in your home is instructed on proper hand washing. Learn more about hnd washing at: www.kidshealth.org/parent/general/sick/hand washing.html.

Obtain any special supplies diapers or preemie nipples, purchase preemie clothing.

needed such as preemie and find out where to

List of Supplies Needed:

  • Ask if the number of visitors are allowed into your home should be limited, what precautions they should take, and under what circumstances when no one should visit.

  • Find out how soon you can take your baby out in public. (When: __________________)

  • Clean your house of dust, pet hairs, paint smells, tobacco smoke, or other smells that may bother your baby’s eyes, nose, and lungs. Find out if any other precautions may be needed if someone in your home or a visitor to your home is a smoker.

Smoker Precaution Notes:

  • Take any stored breast milk home and review the care and thawing process for once you are home.

  • Post emergency phone numbers next to all the phones in your home and store in your cell phones as well.

  • Discuss with extended family and friends precautions you will be taking in the care of your newborn to ensure continued good health and asking for their respect and support in doing so. See PreemieCare RSV letter for template for details: www.PreemieCare.org/rsvletter.pdf.

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