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transporting the material cannot quickly and safely clean up a spill. In these cases, municipal agencies provide or contract for cleanup of roadways within their jurisdiction. These agencies include CalTrans (on state highways) and designated city or county agencies, including some fire departments and county hazardous materials response units.

Storage. Store pesticides in their original, tightly closed containers. Whenever possible, wipe or wash pesticide residue off outsides of containers. Protect containers from extremes in temperature and from becoming wet. The area must have good ventilation and lighting. Be sure it is dry and secure, with lockable doors and windows. Post warning signs on or around the storage area so they are visible from all direction of probable approach to warn others that the building contains pesticides. You must post warning signs when the storage area contains pesticide containers that hold or have held pesticides with the signal words DANGER/POISON, DANGER, or WARNING.

It is advisable to maintain records of all pesticides being stored. Keep this record, or a copy of it, separate from the building. To prevent injury during a fire or other emergency, give this information to emergency workers. Check stored pesticide containers on a regular basis, looking for leaks or spills. Immediately clean up any spilled pesticide in the storage area. Keep packages on shelves or on pallets to reduce exposure to excess moisture.

Check pesticide labels for storage restrictions, because some pesticides do not store well for long periods. Pesticides may change chemically during extended storage, especially if exposed to temperature extremes. These changes may cause some products to lose their effectiveness or others to become more toxic. Sometimes, moisture and air picked up during storage alters the chemical composition of some materials. Pesticides in unsealed containers are most susceptible. Solvents and petroleum-based chemicals deteriorate some types of containers after a time.


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