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perspective [viewpoint] solidarity [unity]

responsibility [following tasks to completion and being dependable for doing what you say you will do]

Union [the states joined into one body of shared government]


Grade Six discipline [training to act according to rules]

perseverance [the ability to continue with a task or plan, even when you want to quit]

self-control [restraint of oneself or ones actions, such as managing anger]

self-motivation [will power or initiative to begin or continue a task or activity without prodding or supervision, such as physical training]

will power [the ability to begin or continue on a plan or course of action]

Grade Seven apprentice [somebody trained by a skilled professional] commitment [determination to get something done, or to a person] common good [promoting the welfare of the community; for the benefit of all] delayed gratification [to put off immediate reward to pursue a longer term goal] discipline [training to act according to rules] goal [the end point to which efforts are directed] impulse control [the ability to think before acting] integrity [knowing and doing what’s right; true to yourself and others] maturity [being fully developed in body and mind, adult]

perseverance [to persist, even in the face of discouragement; putting forth maximum effort to always do the best you can]

patience [ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay]

self-control [restraint of oneself or ones actions, ie. anger] self-denial [restraining one's own wants or desires]

self-discipline [acting according to how you think rather than how you feel in the moment]

self-motivation [ability to start or continue a task or activity without another's prodding or supervision]


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